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How to Eliminate Dark Under Eye Circles Easy With Just One Ingredient

Forget on Dark Under Eye Circles – Quick Solution for New Fresh Look

The extremely fast tempo of lifestyle brings many healthy problems and consequences, including dark under eye circles.
Fast food, chronic tiredness, sleepless nights, extreme stress etc, are some of the triggers of these health problems.
Dark under eye circles are very often the result of this way of living.
They are present at men and women almost equally.
Lack of sleep, fatigue and chronic tiredness are main reasons this issue to become visible at our faces, but of course, there are many other reasons too.
Allergies and nasal congestion are one of them.
They are causing dilatation of the blood vessels around the eyes and the area around eyes looks darker.
As other possibilities for dark under eye circles could be numbered: aging, excessive drinking, and smoking, eczema, anemia, crying or sometimes even the sun exposure.
Also, some substances and medications could cause this situation.
There is one simple home remedy which will help you to eliminate the dark circles at natural way.

Eliminate Dark Under Eye Circles Easy With Just One IngredientThe main ingredients are:


Dissolve baking soda in the warm water and soak the pads into the solution. Place the wet pads at the dark under eye circles and leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Remove them and wash your face and put some moisturizer.

As you probably know the baking soda is the main ingredient in many cosmetic products. The similar solution could be used for removal of acne scrubs. This solution should be prepared with bigger thickness than the previous one. Gently massage your face with this solution and leave the pads on your face for a couple of minutes until the solution hardens. It will clean your skin pores and it will renew your skin cells.

Baking soda is effective at the regulation of the pH balance. Its pH factor is right in the middle – not too acidic and not too alkaline. This is a reason why baking soda is used for cleaning purposes at your home. It fights the odors and it cleans home things better when it is combined with water. It is very cheap and it is environment-friendly and that is another reason why this product could be found at many medical and sanitary products.

Try the baking soda solution to fight the dark under eye circles and feel its magnificent effects at your skin health!

Via: www.sun-gazing.com

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