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How to Get Rid of Cholesterol Deposits of your Blood Vessels?!

Many people are facing the problem with clogged arteries and blood vessels.
To improve their work and to boost the whole cardiovascular health, you should make vessels cleansing.
It could be done at different ways: by consuming natural medicines, by plasmapheresis and by laser cleaning of the blood.
Get Rid of Cholesterol

It is very important to know that the cleaning of your blood system by using medicines could effect by many contraindications.
Their usage is the last step when nothing else helped.

So the natural cleaning of the blood vessels is the most secure and the least dangerous, but at the same time it is needed to have a right approach to these natural medicines in order not to damage other aspects of your health.

The garlic and lemon are one of the most common used natural products for cleaning the blood vessels.

At the same time they are decreasing the level of cholesterol and they are limiting the risk of dangerous diseases as atherosclerosis.

The mixture of garlic and lemon had been used at Russian popular medicine since the ancient times.

Also, this mixture stops the forming of cancer cells (which fact has been confirmed many times by science studies).

As it is well known the garlic contains many anti-oxidants which give it regeneration and rejuvenation characteristics.

Lemon and Garlic remedy for Cleaning the Blood Vessels

Garlic – Lemon Mixture Remedy to Get Rid of Cholesterol Deposits of your Blood Vessels:

Prepare this garlic – lemon mixture remedy and say  ” Goodbye “  to cholesterol deposits of your blood vessels.



Split the garlic cloves and clean them well. Wash the lemons with cold water. Put the lemons (the whole lemon) into the boiling water and later cut them at slices. All ingredients should be melted at meat-melting machine. Put the mixture into the glass jar (3 litter jar) and put the rest of boiled water to the top. Close the jar and put it into the fridge. After three days take this garlic-lemon mixture remedy out, drain it and keep it into the fridge for further usage.

Get Rid of Cholesterol of your Blood vessels!


Maximum dose of this remedy which rids cholesterol of blood vessels is about 50 ml three times a day, before meals. It is best to start with dosage of 1-2 spoons (15-20 ml) three times a day and to increase a dose daily.

By consummation of this mixture you will get better blood circulation and you will normalize its lipid status. Also it is very good for regulation of your blood pressure and the brain activity. It is very often used at weight-loss diets.

Usage of this homemade remedy to get rid of cholesterol of your blood vessels can save you from arteriosclerosis and other dangerous heart and vessels diseases.

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