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How to Make Garlic Syrup to Cleanse the Blood and to Strengthen the Immunity

Make This Strong Garlic Syrup and Stay Away From the Huge Number of Diseases!

This home prepared garlic syrup will detoxify your body and it will cleanse the blood at the same time.
It is an excellent weapon against many viruses and infections and its regular consumption can improve the work of your immunity system.
Good news is that this garlic syrup will cost you almost nothing in comparison with the benefits that you will achieve from it.
And you can prepare it all by yourself.

With this garlic syrup you will speed up the metabolism and you will eliminate the excess of accumulated fat in your body. It will relieve your body of excess salt and this will lower your high blood pressure.

How to Make Garlic Syrup to Cleanse the Blood and to Strengthen the Immunity

Miraculous Garlic Syrup – Recipe:

Ingredients needed:

Miraculous Garlic Syrup - Recipe

How to Prepare and How to Consume this Powerful Garlic Syrup?

  • Clean the garlic cloves and cut them in bigger pieces, for example, every garlic clove you can cut in 4 pieces.
  • Put the garlic pieces in the jar.
  • Add 4 cups red wine In the same jar.
  • After that close it well and put it in some dark place for two weeks.
  • After two weeks open the jar and strain the garlic syrup into the glass bottle.
  • Keep the bottle in the dark place.


Garlic Cloves for Garlic Syrup

Take 1 tbsp of this powerful garlic syrup three times a day for at least one month.
After you finish the first dose of this garlic syrup you have to take 6 months break before you will start with the next treatment.
Source: www.secretlyhealthy.com

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