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How to Make Gluten Free Brownies With Healthy Sweet Potatoes?

Gluten Free Brownies – Tasty Sweet Potato Pleasure!

One of the rare plants which are so popular in our daily menu is the sweet potato.
It is tasty vegetable plant which usage is wide and it could be found almost at every national kitchen.
But the main reason of its popularity is its healthy effectiveness!

Gluten Free Brownies – Recipe:

Sweet potato brownies are very popular dessert since they are rich in cocoa taste and they are absolutely sugar free.

This cookie has also some “magic” properties – it is very efficient anti-inflammatory agent!

Below you can find the recipe to prepare this healthy snack.
–    2 baked sweet potatoes
–    1 cup coconut  oil
–    1 cup of cocoa
–    1/2 cup pure buckwheat flour
–    1/2 cup of natural honey
–    1/4 cup almond or other low fat milk
–    2 tablespoons cinnamon
–    2 tablespoons vanilla
–    2 eggs
–    1 tablespoon baking soda

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Brownies

Preparation of Gluten Free Brownies:

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