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How To Make Lime Water – Magnificent Drink That Treats Inflammations and Cancer

Lime Water Drink Against Inflammation, Leukemia and Cancer
Lime is a fruit of group of citruses and lime water drink is one of the most common used healthy plants in many natural healthy medicines. It is widely used as healing solution for many health problems connected with inflammations and it is also known as effective anti-cancer natural cure.
Lime Water Drink – Treats Inflammation Leukemia and Cancer

Below there it is an extremely efficient anti-inflammation lime water recipes which could help you to get rid of many unpleasant health problems and conditions.

Lime Water Anti-Cancer Recipe


  • 250 gr of lime juice,
  • 250ml cold water.


The lime juice should be dissolved into 250 ml of cold water into stainless steel bowl. Leave it like that for 24h and strain the liquid into glass bottles. Throw away the rest of the lime content. Drink the rest liquid (about 1 cup) twice a day (about 1/2 cup each time). Avoid food consummation for next three hours. Drink the next 1/2 cup after 12 hours. If you want better taste you can add 50ml of fresh yogurt to the lime water. Repeat the treatment for 3-6 months and you will get the best results then. This is strongly recommended for people suffering cancer and leukemia, but it is also recommended for healthy people to improve their health status. The results showed that consummation of this drink combined with sodium bath and avoiding of sugar consumption helped even people which are in 4th stage of cancer.

How to Prepare Sodium Bath?

Sodium bath is made of 1 pound of baking soda dissolved into the bath tub.

This lime water recipe is based at known anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties of the lime. Pure lime water consumption is also very useful for your health but it can be irritating for your stomach, so it is combined with other ingredients which could increase its healthy benefits and to improve your health in general.

Via: www.healthandlovepage.com

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