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How to Make Natural Homemade Healthy Toothpaste?!

Hidden Dangers of Commercial Toothpastes:

Maybe you didn’t know, but the daily routine of brushing teeth is a potential danger of income of unwanted and harmful toxins.
Commercial toothpaste is containing dangerous chemical compounds and plastics which could harm your delicate mouth environment.
But there are very few people conscious about this fact that the usage of the most common brand toothpaste could be very unhealthy.

Some of them are containing extra plastic which has no healthy or hygienic purpose but it is added to improve the paste structure.

These plastic particles are usually present in the so-called “blue lines” of modern toothpaste and they are made of polyethylene!

It is well known that this substance couldn’t be dissolved even into alcohol and acetone!

So far about the story of any branded “healthy toothpaste”.

Is Commercial Toothpaste Toxic

Should Healthy Toothpaste Contain Fluoride?

Even the kinds of toothpaste which are not containing polyethylene particles are not harmless for your overall health.

Almost 95% of commercial kinds of toothpaste are containing fluoride.

It is one of the best hygienic substances for your mouth which are preventing infections of your mouth cavity.

It is not a substance which will make your teeth shinier and in fact, it is really toxic!

Some more serious manufacturers of toothpaste are putting warnings about the presence of fluoride in their products – with the serious precaution of possible dental and oral problems and problems at your glucose metabolism.

Should the real healthy toothpaste contain any dangerous substances? The answer is sure – no!

Brushing Teeth with Homemade Healthy Toothopaste

Magnificent Natural Healthy Toothpaste – Recipe:

Luckily there is an alternative way to take good care of your teeth without exposing your health to potential health danger.

Your own natural healthy toothpaste is very simple to be prepared and it is at the same time tasty and safe.


  • four tablespoons of baking soda
  • two teaspoons of coconut oil
  • eight tablespoons of water
  • a couple of drops of peppermint, citrus or other natural refreshing agent

Homemade Coconut Oil Healthy Toothpaste


  • Use one dish to put the baking soda and water and add couple peppermint drops.
  • Mix the ingredients very well
  • Heat the mixture over low heat and stir it until you get semi-solid substance
  • Finally, add the coconut oil at the end of process and mix it well

Store the paste at the glass jar at room temperature and you can start enjoying the benefits of natural homemade healthy toothpaste.

It is excellent for your teeth and gums and it will make you satisfied, fresh and healthy.

Tooth whitening with healthy toothpaste

This healthy toothpaste is a great antibacterial dental care product and it will keep your teeth enamel out of the rich of any kind of sugar.

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