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How to Make Unbelievable Natural Medicines For Melasma?!

Natural Medicines for Melasma – Do They Really Work?!

Since the sunny days are coming as the summer approaches all of us are getting excited about rebirth energy gifted by the Sun. But at the same time the summer sunny days are bringing and some concerns and worries about the possible harms to our skin and health in general caused by Sun ultraviolet rays.

One of them is melasma. This skin problem is a result of overproduction of melanin into our skin and it is shown by overactive pigmentation as darker brown spots with different shape and size. This skin problem is treated by different pharmaceutical substances, but we are always glad to hear that there are effective natural medicines for melasma. Actually many plants are possessing great ability to treat melasma. There are following some of them.

Natural Medicines For Melasma

Healthy Foods to Treat Melasma:

Papaya contains strong exfoliating substance which is capable to remove dead and damaged cells of our skin.Turmeric is rich in cumin which is actually excellent antioxidant and it contributes the process of lightening the skin surface.
Sandalwood is used to improve the skin complexion. It stops the melasma development and it shines the skin.
Onion is containing substances which are decreasing the skin over-pigmentation at many different ways.

4 Amazing Natural Medicines for Melasma:

4 Amazing Recipes for Natural Medicines for Melasma

Natural Medicine for Melasma No.1

Mix ripe papaya and three tablespoons of natural honey until you get a paste substance. Apply the homemade paste to the affected skin spots and leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it with warm water. Repeat the treatment for 7-10 days and you will get excellent results and shiny and beautiful skin.

Papaya to Cure Melasma

Natural Medicine for Melasma No.2

Six tablespoons of turmeric should be mixed with twelve tablespoons of almond milk. Mix it well and add some flour to thicken the mixture. Apply the mixture to the damaged skin areas and leave it there for 20 minutes. The results will be visible for less than 2 weeks. Your skin will be amazingly changed in positive way!

Natural Medicine for Melasma No.3

Put equal quantities of sandalwood powder, almond or coconut milk and add a cup of lemon juice into one big dish. Mix the ingredients. Scrub the face gently with this mixture and remove it later with water. You should repeat the process at least three times a week to get visible positive results. It is shown that this recipe is the most effective among natural medicines for melasma!

Sandalwood powder to cure Melasma

Natural Medicine for Melasma No.4

Take five onions and cut them at small pieces. Squeeze the juice out of them. Add the same quantity of apple cider vinegar. Mix two ingredients and apply the mixture to the melasma points of your skin. Rinse it with warm water after 15 minutes. Usually the healing process lasts 2 weeks with 2 times daily application. The results will be awesome!

These natural medicines for melasma will help your skin to be healthy and beautiful. But you also have to take care about the time you spend at Sun exposure and about the proper quantity of the liquids you are consuming daily. The combination of prevention and natural healthy nutrition will make your skin glowing and it will keep it free of melasma and other skin damages.

Onion Juice to Cure Melasma

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