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How To Prevent Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens

Heart attacks are the most common causes of death in the US and unfortunately, it has been like that for many years.
But there is a way to prevent heart attack and that is to spot its symptoms before it happens, sometimes a month or two in advance.Usually the people who are at risk to have a heart attack are not aware of their health condition and the stress they are putting into their body.
A heart attack can happen when there is a buildup of plaque in blood vessels.

This can cause a loss blood supply to the heart and this can leads to heart attack. The symptoms of heart attack are extreme pain and pressure in the chest and in the left arm or in some cases in the left arm and left leg.

But not every pain or pressure in the chest is a symptom of heart attack. Some of them are listed as symptoms of anxiety, but these pains are not so extreme.

Symptoms Heart Attack

5 Most Common Symptoms of Possible Heart Attack:

1.Cold sweats

Cold sweats and dizziness are signs that the person is in extreme dangerous zone of having a potential heart attack and it is highly recommended to visit a doctor.

In this condition, your brain is not getting the proper blood flow because of the poor circulation.

Sometimes the cold sweats are linked to the extreme stress but even this can be a potential cause of heart attack.

2.Chest Pain – Pressure

Having frequently chest pains is one of the most noticeable symptoms that you are in danger to have a heart attack.

The most of us are ignoring this sign, but if you have this experience you have to check your cardiovascular health as soon as possible you can.

3. Symptoms of Cold and Flu

Many people that had heart attack recorded developing cold or flu as one of the symptoms right before the heart attack happens.

4.Weakness and Fatigue

If you are in potential danger you can become increasingly weak and you will feel tired and drowsy all the time.

This happens because your arteries have continued to narrow and there is a buildup of plaque in them.

5. ”Short Breath” – Condition

Your lungs are under attack too. There is a lack of blood circulation inside them which cause to take a short, but more frequently breaths.

This is also one of the most common symptoms that the heart attack is near and it is a really bad sign.

If you have two or more of these serious symptoms you have immediately to visit a doctor for furred medical examinations.

Prevent Heart Attack


Cardiovascular health is so important.

Living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your health on time, can surely help you to avoid all these symptoms and to stay away from heart attack.

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