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How to Save a Life to Someone Who is Having Stroke?

Needle? – How to Use it to Save a Life to Someone Who is Having Stroke?

This unconventional method for saving humans’ life is discovered by Chinese professor who says that you always should have a kitchen needle- seamstress pin or a syringe needle.
Spread this advice and it could help many people to survive a stroke.
Find some time to read it and to remember it.
You never know if someone’s life is depending on you.
In the case of stroke, the brain capillaries are stretching.
It is necessary to call the emergency doctor at once and to have a rest.
Stay calm! When someone is having a stroke it is strictly forbidden to move him of its current position.
In the case of movement, there is a danger the brain capillaries to burst and blood bleeding to appear into the brain tissues.
If you have some kind of needle by yourself it will be very useful to do the following things

  1. Keep the top of the needle under fire or heat for a couple of seconds in order to get simple sterilization. Take it out of fire and make very small stab wounds to all ten fingers using the sterilized needle.
  2. Points of pokes should be a couple of millimeters under the nails.

How to Save a Life to Someone Who is Having Stroke

3. Keep pressing with a needle until the blood is shown over the skin.

4. If there is still no blood then stretch the wounds and press them to make more pressure at the finger capillaries.

5. Leave the bleeding for 10 minutes! The person will not lose too much blood because the wounds are too small. At the same time, this person who is having a stroke will feel much better.

6. If you notice that to the person having stroke appeared distorted mouth and lips start with the massage of his ears until they become very red. That is sign that the blood is circulating intensively through this region.

7. After the massage, make other pokes with the needle into the soft parts of the ears. After few drops of blood, the mouth of the person will become normal.

8. Wait until the patient can move and breathe freely without unusual symptoms and wait for the doctors from the emergency.

This method has its origins and roots from traditional Chinese medicine. It is tested at modern medical institutes and it is proved that it is 100% efficient!

Knowing this method will help many people having a stroke to survive and to be further treated by other medical treatments which will help him to improve its health condition completely.

Note: The information contained on this website is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. If you have concerns about your health or medical care, consult a professional physician. All content found on “Care Body Hair” is for information purposes only. Do not disregard professional medical advice or decline to seek medical treatment because of something you have read on this website.

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