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How To Stop Cough And Bronchitis With Bananas, Honey And Water? – Recipe

A chronic cough and bronchitis are one of the most resistant health problems and they are always hard to be treated, even for the commercial medicine.
But the good news is that this natural remedy will soothe your throat and lungs almost in no time.
It is made from all natural ingredients and it can cure a cough and bronchitis without any side effects.
We have already talked about the magnificent health benefits of bananas and in combination with the best natural antibiotic – honey, they are the best choice for preparation of this healing remedy.

Made of only healthy ingredients, this natural medicament for a cough and bronchitis can be consumed by adults and children, also.

All problems connected with a sore throat, bad cough and even some stomach health issues, can be treated with this healthy drink mixture.

Mix Bananas, Honey and Water: Cough and Bronchitis Will Stop

How To Stop Cough And Bronchitis With Bananas, Honey And Water - Recipe

Natural Remedy To Cure Cough And Bronchitis Fast:



The first step is to peel the bananas and to puree them with a wooden fork or spoon.

It is better to avoid metal cutlery because the banana will go darken in contact with the metal.

Second, place the bananas in one pot and add boiled water to them.

Let this natural mixture steep for a half hour.

And at the end, when the remedy is cooled enough, add the honey.

You can strain the mixture if you feel that it is necessary.


Never use a metal spoon to add the honey because in the contact with metal it loses its healthy abilities.

Also, make sure to never put the honey in the warm drink or meal.

This is because the high temperatures will destroy its nutrient.


Take 100ml ( 50ml for children) 4 times a day of this healing remedy
If the amount is sufficient for one day, you better prepare a fresh one for the following day if you want to get the best results.
Consume this healing remedy at least 5 days and feel the positive changes for less than 1 week.
The mother nature has already a cure for every treat on our health, we only have to learn to use her treasures.

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