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How to Strengthen Your Heart and Lose Weight With Only 1 Tbsp of Coconut Oil

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health and Lose Weight With Just 1 Tbsp of Coconut Oil

It is widely known that saturated fat oils are bad for your health.
These saturated oils are contained into coconut too. But recent studies showed that coconut oil is actually good for your cardiovascular system and it will help you to lose weight sooner.
Extra virgin coconut oil is increasing HDL cholesterol and it is good for reducing body mass to the patients who are suffering coronary artery disease and to patients fighting obesity.
Latest studies were investigating effects of extra virgin coconut oils to HDL cholesterol which is responsible for anthropometric measurements.
The objects of study were middle aged and older patients (55-70 years old) who were suffering hypertension.

Almost 65% of them were men and even 95% had dyslipidemia and were taking medicines to treat this health status.
At the first stage of study all of them (136 persons) were under standard diet for three months.
Starting from fourth month they were separated at two groups: 20% of them remained at the same diet and 80% of them were taking 13ml (or one tablespoon) of extra virgin coconut oil daily added to the regular diet they were treated.

How to Strengthen Your Heart and Lose Weight With Only 1 Tbsp of Coconut Oil

After next three months the results were more positive for the group who was taking extra coconut oil. All six parameters were better to this group than to the group which was following standard diet. The process of lose weight was much more obvious than to the others. Their body mass index decreased for 2kg/m2, their blood pressure felt for 3,5 points. The members of this group lose weight faster and healthier than the others. Their neck perimeter decreased for 4cm and waist perimeter was 2,2cm smaller.

At the same time coconut oil intervention group increased their HDL (good cholesterol) for 5 mg/dL.

The conclusion is that coconut oil will help you to lose weight at healthy way and to regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol level. This oil could be consumed at many different ways and it will improve your health in general.

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