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Ice Cube Method for Youth and Health!

Have You Ever Try This Chinese Ice Cube Method to Improve Your Health?!

There are plenty of miracles which can do one nice ice cube.
Putting it on your head as a daily routine will help you to look prettier, younger and full of energy.
The best place to put the “magic” ice cube (2x2cm) is the point where the neck and head are bordering.
This imaginary point is called Feng Fu point by Chinese medical and it is very often used at acupuncture practice.

Holding the ice cube at this Feng Fu point should be done when you are lying on your belly.

(Note: Do this only on an empty stomach.)

The ice cube should be there for 20 minutes and you can fix it with different strings or similar.

Do not be afraid – you cannot catch cold practicing this ice cube method!

Ice Cube Method on Feng Fu Point

Ice Cube Method – Positive Effects on Your Health:

This method is very popular at Chinese medicine because it has many positive effects – at first few days you can even feel euphoria since the hormone endorphin is extracted at large quantities into your blood vessels.

  • This ice cube method will improve your sleep and your mood and vitality.
  • It will improve your digestion and it will make you much more resistant to colds and flues.
  • Also, it will release you from terrible headaches and pains in your muscles and joints.

Many people suffering from different diseases are using this ice cube method to improve their health.

The ice cube method for disease.

  • The ice cube method is used by people with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.
  • It helps much at neurological and spine problems.
  • This ice cube method with an ice cube is great to treat problems with the thyroid gland and at the status of hypertension, arthritis and even at lower blood pressure problems.
  • It helps at digestion problems and at menstrual disorders and at many psychical disorders and stress.
  • The ice cube treatment is used to stop insomnia.

This ice cube method is not magic but it gives many positive benefits to our health.

It is not recommended during pregnancy, heart problems (pacemaker) or some other harder psychic diseases (epilepsy, schizophrenia).

Ice Cube Method - Health Benefits.

The main advantage of this ice cube method is helping energetic flow to be functional and proper through all body and its cells.

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