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What is the Importance of Vitamin E for Your Health?!

Vitamin E is excellent for your beauty and health no matter if you consume it orally or if you apply it at your skin.
It has strong antioxidant abilities and that way it decreases the level of free radicals into the organism.
That is the reason that there have been made many medical investigations with main subject – Vitamin E.
This has been done in order to understand better benefits of the vitamin E.

6 Benefits of Vitamin E!

1. Vitamin E helps at prevention of heart attack and stroke.

It decreases the level of harmful (LDL) cholesterol which is responsible for genesis of blood clots.

Vitamin E also helps at stopping the appearance of the muscle twitching and at decreasing the problems of so called “syndrome of restless legs”.

6 Benefits of Vitamin E!

2. This vitamin decreases the risk of development of some types of carcinoma and it keeps the cells of DNA damage (the most usual reason for genesis of malignant cells).

It stops the spreading the malignant cells and it improves the immunity system.

3. Vitamin E maintenance the good health of the lungs and helps their cure at some diseases.

This vitamin helps at regulation of the blood glucose level which is very important at improving the life and health of people suffering diabetes.

Vitamin E Foods!

4. Vitamin E relieves the symptoms of menopause especially it reduces the appearance of so called “hot waves”.

It helps at regulation of reproductive hormones, it helps the mobility of spermatozoids and it relieves the symptoms of fibrocystic diseases of the breasts.

Although its way of functioning is still unknown, many studies are showing its’ great effectiveness.

5. Vitamin E helps at prevention of different eye diseases, it stops the appearance of cataract and macular degeneration.

This vitamin decreases the inflammations at different organs and it relieves the pains caused by arthritis.

Using vitamin E you can relieve the muscle pains after hard physical activity and exercising.

6. Vitamin E accelerates the process of healing the wounds and it decreases the risk of scars. It also helps at stopping the skin damages and premature skin aging. It helps the symptom relieve at some skin diseases as psoriasis, eczema, acne etc.

Vitamin E is very useful at healing the dry skin.

Sources of Vitamin E!

Your daily goal should be consuming of certain ingredients which could satisfy your needs of vitamin E at daily basis.

This is the list of the most popular ingredients rich in vitamin E:

Sources of Vitamin E!

  • nuts
  • avocado
  • yolk
  • young wheat grains
  • vegetables with dark leaves
  • olives
  • green paprika
  • tomatoes
  • pumpkin
  • kiwi
  • papaya
  • mango;

Experts believe that daily dose of vitamin E is at least 200 mg. Maximum dose is about 1000 mg.

Extra amounts of vitamin E (over 1000 mg) could harm your health seriously.

Consuming vitamin E supplements is recommended to the following people:

  • people who are not consuming enough quantity of fats into their organism
  • smokers and alcohol consumers
  • people living into polluted areas
  • people suffering by chronic stress
  • people who are having heart disease history at their families or history of family members having cancer

vitamin E supplements

Importance of vitamin E is proven in many areas of healthy living and the best way to supply your body with this powerful vitamin is by consuming foods rich with vitamin E. But in some cases when it is recommended by doctors you can use also vitamin E supplements.

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