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What is the Influence of the Psychic Power at Health Improving or Worsening?!

Lessons Inspired by the Powerful Qualities of Positive People
The things that make us happy are not so big mystery.
It is a not big mystery what makes the man happy.
There are many powerful lessons to be learnt by positive people which are able to fulfill their soul with pleasure making the other people smile by smiling themselves.

The Glass is Always a Half Full, But Not Half Empty

The pessimism always leads to weakness and the optimism leads to power.

Positive people know that pessimism is a great source of fears and that it trains the brain always to look for the possible difficulties at the possibilities, to focus to the obstacles and not to the reaching of the goal.

Those people know it at very clearly way that that they cannot see the rainbow if their look is always drawn to the ground.

Many of us would estimate this optimistic attitude as a living at the world of fantasies,

but you can be pretty sure that positive people actually are very practical, realistic and grounded people.

The Mourning is a Wasted Time


What you will really achieve if your life is fulfilled with daily complaints? Positive people know that the role of victim of life and circumstances is a wasting time and energy and the only thing that you can get are negative and destructive thoughts which will never get you any good.

The Ambitions is a Piece of the Puzzle

Many people are living the life with the following thought on their mind: “What is yours it will surely, surely  come to you!”

But happy people don’t let their life to the destiny winds.

They are undertaking their life by their own – they are initiative and they are led by the motto that the best dance is performed at your own song rhythm.

The Toughness is the Key

Positive people know how to overcome the failures and to use them as a trampoline to soar upwards again. They are tough people and they are at their legs after every defeat and they don’t forget the Japanese proverb: “You can fall seven times, but you should get up eight times.”


When Was Your Last Time Staring at The Stars?

Falling down into the beauty of the endless starry sky does not wipe out the problems of happy people, but it just remembers them how small we are. The star therapy helps them to keep their optimism and to ruin the walls around them by using positive way.

The Index Finger Shouldn’t Be Always Directed Towards Other People


Yes, it is a true that life is not fair and time to time even happy people are feeling at their own skin the punches of the life initiated by others. But their index finger is not directed towards the other people. They know how to escape out of the magical circle of accusation the others and they know how to keep their clear view and to think about the next step. Sometimes they also know to point the index finger to themselves – and this gives them motivation to become a better person.

The Man Learns Until He is Alive

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