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Prepare This Healthy and Tasty Garlic Mayonnaise and at the Same Time Prevent Many Diseases!

This irresistible garlic mayonnaise recipe is dedicated to the people who are attracted to the aromatic garlic flavor.
The garlic mayonnaise is a great and delicious specialty which fits excellent with every meal.
Its advantage is that the garlic prepared this way will always be ready to use with no need to clean, chop or crushing the garlic cloves.
It could stay in refrigerator for a long time so you can always open the jar and to enjoy the taste by consuming the daily dose of health.

Necessary ingredients for Garlic Mayonnaise:

● 3 cloves of garlic

● 1 dl of olive oil (you can use also an ordinary sunflower oil)

lemon juice (half of lemon)

● little bit salt

Healthy Garlic Mayonnaise

Note: Depending of the quantity you would like to prepare it you could increase or decrease the quantity of ingredients proportionally.


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