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Is Cabbage Juice Your Friend In The Fight With Diabetes?

Cabbage juice is rich in fiber. This natural juice is recommended  in treating  diabetes, because it prevents the absorption of sugar in the body.
Cabbage regenerates damaged cells of the pancreas and it is really effective in treating diabetes. It is good to know that it is more efficient than cabbage lettuce because the cellulose from pure cabbage can cause abdominal pain.
This very healthy vegetable is rich in protein, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, PP, K, U, potassium and magnesium.

Scientists believe that cabbage juice has antioxidant and anti-hyperglycemic  properties that helps the process of healing diabetes.

According to the findings of the survey in 2008 found that cabbage can reduce blood sugar and it can boost the process of  weight loss.

Is Cabbage Juice Your Friend In The Fight With Diabetes

How to Prepare Cabbage Juice to Fight Diabetes?

For this healthy drink recipe you will need only 2 ingredients:

– 700 g (3 cups) chopped cabbage

– 400 ml of cold water (or distilled water)


The best way to prepare the cabbage juice is using a juicer or blender.

Remove the first layer of leaves and then wash the cabbage with cold water.  Chop it on smaller pieces and put it in a juicer.

The resulting juice diluted with cold water. If you choose to use a blender at the process of mixing add distilled water.

Drink this natural healthy juice while it’s fresh.

Do not store more than 5 hours in the refrigerator. Drink one cup cabbage juice before each meal.

Cabbage Fights Diabetes

Other Important Health Benefits of Cabbage and Cabbage Juice:

  1. Detoxifies Stomach and Colon
  2. Excellent Blood Cleanser
  3. Rich in Iron and Sulfur
  4. Stimulates Immune System
  5. Anti-Cancer
  6. Anti-Oxidant
  7. Muscle Builder
  8. Anti-Bacterial & Viral
  9. Anti-Fungal
  10. Strengthens Eyes

Health Benefits of Cabbage and Cabbage Juice

And the answer is yes!

The cabbage juice is not only your ally against diabetes, but is also has a positive impact to the health in general!


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