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Is Green Tea Really the Drink of Gods?!

Out of many beverages which contain nourishing and healing properties, one would say that it is hard to pinpoint the best one.
Yet even in this close competition, many experts would agree that the green tea rules as undisputed sovereign.
This incredible beverage, could easily be compared to the mythical nectar that gave the Olympians their divine immortality and invulnerability.
Here are some examples of just how much can a regular consumption of green tea do for you.
Replacement for coffee

Everyone knows that caffeine is the natural stimulant of brain.

What most people do not know is that coffee is by far the most toxic beverage containing caffeine there is.

There are many negative effects of consuming coffee and it would be recommendable for you to find a suitable replacement.

Green tea possesses just enough caffeine to get you through the day, but without the side-effects that come with coffee.

Detoxifying properties

Is Green Tea Really the Drink of Gods

Apart from having a great taste and being a completely healthy substitute for coffee, green tea brings many benefits for your organism. First of all, polyphenols that can be found in this beverage are just perfect antioxidants. This means that apart from being a refreshing beverage, green tea possesses the power to cleanse your body of numerous toxins that gather there over time. However, not every green tea is the same and if the purification of your organism is your top priority, you would be wise to go with green tea x50.

Exercise enhancer

As most of you probably already knew, there is more to getting in shape than just exercise. There are many ways in which you can maximize your muscle adaptation, one of which is utilizing your diet. Your diet is not only about what you eat but what you drink as well. Most of the commercial, beverages contain a lot of substances that tend to slow down the development of your organism. This is why, you can always count on the green tea to come to your rescue. The aforementioned detoxifying and stimulating effects can act as a great exercise enhancer.

Nourishing your brain

Some studies have shown that nourishing properties of green tea can help one fend off the advancement of Alzheimer’s in his or hers senior years. Just like with your pension fund, you must start thinking about the eve of your life while you are still in your prime. Regular consumption of green tea in youth can significantly reduce the chance of you developing Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease in the old age. Speaking of true investment in your future, it doesn’t get any better.

Lowering the risk of cancer

Green Tea -

We already stated that green tea is an excellent antioxidant. Taken into consideration that oxidative damage strongly contributes to the development of many cancer types this is not a thing to be trifled with. According to some researches, the consumption of green tea can lower the risk of breast, prostate and even colorectal cancer. Now this is a helping hand that you simply cannot afford to turn down.

The lowering of Type 2 Diabetes risk

A study in Japan in 2006, has proven that individuals who drank green tea regularly, had 42% less chance of developing type 2 diabetes, than their counterparts on other beverages. It is believed that the reason for this is a fact that green tea can mildly reduce sugar level in blood. If we take into consideration a fact that diabetes takes over 300 millions of lives annually, we come to conclusion that green tea might just be the holy grail of the 21st century.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why you should start consuming green as soon as possible. Your health is the most precious thing that you have in your possession. Entrust this miraculous herb to act as its guardian angel and you will surely never regret this decision.

 Mathews McGarry Author

Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating fromthe Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, andsharing tips for better life at highstylife.com and other health blogs. Follow him on Twitter.

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