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Is Turmeric Good For Your Heart Just As 1 Hour of Exercise?

Cardiovascular problems are very common at the people at later age.
It is so called modern disease which is concerning more and more people nowadays.
There are many commercial medicines which are used to treat these problems and most of them are very efficient.
But also they are causing some side effects and thus natural medicines are the best choice for cardiovascular treatments.
Turmeric is one of the most popular natural medicines which are used centuries ago to help people with cardiovascular and heart problems.

Age-associated arterial changes are best treated with turmeric extract if you want to avoid commercial medicines.

There are many studies performed about the effects of turmeric extract to our general health.

American Journal of Cardiology published the study which proves that consuming turmeric is reducing the heart diseases risk by 56%.

Another study showed that turmeric is improving vascular function in postmenopausal women.

It is proved that this magnificent healthy plant has the same effect as moderate aerobic training.

Study Results – Is Turmeric Good for Your Heart? 

The results showed that the group of women which were consuming turmeric had better results than the groups of women which had no treatment or which had only cardio exercises.

This group of postmenopausal women had better arterial elasticity and better endothelial function at their blood vessels. This fact is very important about causing atherosclerosis – so, the group of women which were consuming 150 mg of turmeric extract per day for 8 weeks are having less chances to develop atherosclerosis.

The group of women which were performing supervised aerobic training for 8 weeks also improved their chances to avoid atherosclerosis much more than the women which had no training and no curcumin intake.

The results after the study showed that there is flow mediated dilatation increased at the groups which had turmeric or exercise treatment.


The conclusion is that the regular ingestion of turmeric or regular aerobic exercise training is improving endothelial function of the blood vessels. It is proved that turmeric extract may prevent the age-associated problems with endothelial system.

Usage of Turmeric Good For Your Heart and Your General Health

Is Turmeric Good For Your Heart Just As 1 Hour of Exercise

Including turmeric at your diet or consuming curcumin supplement is very important for health improvement especially for cardiovascular problems.

It is clear that monitored exercise cannot be replaced by any supplement and it is very important to be practiced in order to get much better results. The synergy of turmeric and exercise is getting the best health benefits.

Another study showed that combined turmeric consummation and aerobic exercises are improving the situation of the heart muscle at postmenopausal women.

Its stress tolerance is improved highly and there is noted decreasing of risk of pathological hypertrophy of left ventricular chamber. The afterload of left ventricular is leading to higher blood pressure and other valve diseases. So that is the reason of importance of consuming turmeric at process of preventing and stopping these kinds of health problems.

Turmeric is also great natural medicine for reducing the exercise associated inflammations and pains. Osteoarthritis symptoms could be stopped by curcumin intake. There are also many studies performed at this subject which are showing the positive health benefits of turmeric.

Via:  www.greenmedinfo.com

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