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Let Resveratrol to Say “NO” to Diseases Instead of You!

Just a reminder that heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer disease can be prevented on time if the main choice for our good health is resveratrol.
Resveratrol is a member of a group of substances called polyphenols.
These substances have antioxidant characteristics and they are protecting our body of different risks of serious  diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

Resveratrol could be found at red grapes decoction, dark chocolate, Itadori tea and at other plants as peanuts and berries.

It is not surprise that many chemical manufacturers have tried to use this phenol at many different products.

The most usual ingredient at resveratrol capsules produced in the USA is an extracts found at Japanese and Chinese roots “Polygonum cuspidatum”.

Other supplements of this substance are made by red wine or by extracts of red grape.

Resveratrol Benefits:

Resveratol and Heart Diseases

Resveratrol attracted so much public attention mostly thanks to its properties which are dealing against aging and diseases.

The first examinations about this substance have been made at labs animals.

The results of these examinations said that it helps the body to be protected of the following diseases:

Heart Diseases:

It reduces the inflammations and it protects the cells of oxidation.

Resveratrol is stopping the development of LDL cholesterol.

Doing the previous mentioned the resveratrol stops the receptor’s sticking and clots which could lead to heart attack.


Resveratrol stops the production and genesis of new cancer cells and it activates the process called apoptosis – dying of cancer cells.

Alzheimer’s Disease:

It can protect the nerve cells of damaging and it stops forming the layers which could lead to Alzheimer disease.


Resveratrol helps to stop an insulin resistance – the condition when the organism becomes less sensitive to the effects of the hormones responsible for decreasing the glucose level.

The insulin resistance is a sign that there is a big possibility of soon diabetes.

Resveratol and Diabetes

The researches made at lab rats showed that it could neutralize the effects of unhealthy lifestyle and to increase the lifetime of the organism.

The rats which have been fed with food very rich of calories lived much longer than the others which ate normal food but without extra resveratrol in it.
It protected of obesity those rats which were fed with high caloric food and they lived longer.

The resveratrol is also connected with protection of health problems caused by aging.
The scientists say that it activated the gen “SIRT1” which has a great role at stopping the diseases caused by aging and obesity.
Sometimes the answer for good health can be written with only one word – Resveratrol!

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