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Make Your Home-cooked Coconut Milk! Quick, Simple and Over all – Healthy!

Now it is easy to make your coconut milk at your home!
Many healthy and fresh drinks can be made at home and prepared that way these homemade drinks are  more effective and delicious than fabric products are.
We all know that the purchase price of the coconut milk is quite high.
And we also have noticed very often that it contains many additives and preservative ingredients mentioned at its packing.
All of this makes this commercial coconut milk not so good to consume it.

We propose you healthy and “DIY – do it yourself” solution.
It is much more delicious, healthier and of course cheaper than commercial coconut milk.

Now we will show you very short list of ingredients that you have to supply for making of this healthy coconut milk.

Its preparation is very simple and your exotic drink will be ready very fast.

Your good will to make this natural drink will worth. Follow these steps and give yourself fresh summer experience.

Necessary ingredients for Homemade Coconut Milk:

Coconut drink

Coconut Milk – Preparation:

Soak the coconut into large bowl, add hot water and let it stand for 20 minutes.

Transfer the mixture into blender and add the remaining water, honey and vanilla.

Mix it well. Strain the mixture through gauze.

After reaching room temperature, put the coconut milk into glass bottle and place it into the fridge.

After 30 minutes your fresh homemade coconut milk is ready for serving!


Coconut Milk

This homemade coconut milk should be consumed not later than 3 days.

The coconut milk is very healthy and refreshing drink and it is a right choice for summertime heats.

It is rich with vitamins and nutritive ingredients.

This drink is your ideal morning choice and also could be used as an addition of your breakfast or as refreshment at late summer nights.

Enjoy the exotic taste of this homemade coconut milk and get a feeling like you are on paradise beach!


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