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Massage Point On The Ear – What Will Happen To You After Massage?

What Will Happen To You When You Put On Pressure This Massage Point On Your Ear?

Dr. Mark Sandomirsky started to recommend to many of his patients one unusual treatment to get rid of accumulated stress.
This is a very, very simple technique, but it has a proven results and it is highly effective.
Many of us experience stress for a variety of reasons.
One thing is very interesting and it is good to be known and that is stress can be painful.

Stress could manifest as real physical pain in different parts of your body.

Of course, if you have some rough emotional things happening, don’t keep it all in. Let it out.

This technique actually helps a lot. Reflexology can help as well.

This massage point is an acupressure point on your ear that relieves stress like no other.

The Chinese call it Shen Men, or “The Gate of Heaven.”

Massage Point On The Ear - What Will Happen To You After Massage

They believe that putting pressure on this massage point brings celestial energy to your whole body and to all your cells.

It improves your health, decreases stress and also boosts energy.

Some believe this pressure point helps relieve addiction and inflammation too.

Dr. Sandomirsky advises that you use a q-tip to gently massage the Shen Men point.

You should breathe deeply while you do. Then relax and listen to your body.

When you inhale, look left. When you exhale, look right.

This will quickly begin to calm your body.

Watch the video how this stress relief technique should be done on the massage point of the ear:

It’s an interesting stress relieving method. And not only that. This unusual and safety treatment can increase your general health, too.

Next time you’re feeling very stressed, find this massage point on your ear and give it a try!

Via: www.higherperspectives.com

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