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Nettle Tea – Protects Your Health and Makes Wonders For You

Nettle contains vitamin C and carotenoids just like spinach and other vegetables.
The health benefits of nettle tea are numerous and it is practically a guardian of your health.
Regular consumption of nettle tea will help you to eliminate excess body fluid and this happens because it has strong diuretic ability.
This way this tea helps the process of regulating of blood pressure.
Researches show that thanks to quercetin that it contains, nettle acts like antiallergenic, too.

Also, its usage has proven effects in treating prostate issues.

Nettle is one of the most healing herbs and all parts of this plant can be used on different ways in various recipes.

Nettle tea has soothing effects and it helps in the treatment of liver, kidneys and bladder.

Boosting the work of these organs nettle helps your body to get rid of all accumulated toxins. This detoxification keeps your body healthy and vital.

With regular consumption of this healing plant you will purify your blood and this way you will bring back freshness and vigor to your body.

Also, the tea of this plant can be used as an aid in treating respiratory infections, stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer etc.

Nettle finds its usage in preventing  hair loss and dandruff usually as a part of an external treatment in form of hair mask or shampoo.

It is also effective in treating skin diseases like herpes, acne, lichen and etc.

This healthy herb is multi mineral and multivitamin complex because of its natural composition.

It contains vitamin C, carotenoids, vitamin K, B2, B5, iron, calcium, magnesium, silicic acid

Nettle Tea - Protects Your Health and Makes Wonders For You
Also nettle leaf shows the following pharmacological effects:
  • analgesic (reduces pain),
  • anti inflammatory effects
  • local anesthetic,
  • haemostatic (stops bleeding),
  • antiviral,
  • anti allergic,
  • diuretic,
  • and antibacterial effects.

How To Prepare Nettle Tea?

How To Prepare Nettle Tea


  • 5-6 nettle leaves or 1 tbsp of powdered nettle tea
  • 1/2 liter warm water


Boil the water and add the leaves in it. If you have powdered nettle tea add 1 tbsp of it into the water.

Cover the bowl and leave it to stay like that for 15 minutes.

Then strain and leave to cool.

Add some natural sweetener by desire.

For long hot summer days to your cooled cup of nettle tea you can add some lemon juice. This way you will get one hydrating mix with extra healing abilities.

Enjoy and share your nettle tea experience with your family and friends.

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