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No More Varicose Veins, No Joint pain, No Memory Loss, Or Headaches Thanks to Healing Leaves, Know It!

We’ve shared lots of natural remedies for all sorts of things, but this? This is one is made of these special healing leaves and is one of our favorites! Laurel’s long been lauded as a spice, but it’s not as well known as a medicinal oil. In particular, Laurel is great because of it:
1. Calms the worried system.
2. Cleans the colon.
3. Increases and stimulates the method of sweating.
4. Relieves joint pains and treats varicose veins.
5. Strengthens the immune system.

Check out this recipe for making a great medicinal oil:

The Healing Leaves and Olive Oil – Miraculous Combination:

Bay Healing Leaves and Olive Oil - Miraculous Combination


30 grams bay leaves, 250 ml olive oil


Mash bay leaves and pour olive oil over it. Put the mixture into a pitcher bottle, close tightly, and let stand still in a dark place for 14 days. Shake bottle from time to time.  After 2 weeks, pressure the oil via cheesecloth and switch the liquid into another box. Keep the laurel oil in a cool place.

With the laurel oil made of these healing leaves, consider the following great medicinal uses:

Rub lightly warmed oil on achy joints. For excessive headaches, rub this oil into the temples for immediate relief. Instead of aspirin, consider using Laurel oil.
Eases belly ache and stomach pain. Normalizes renal and hepatic function. Can be used as a lotion to resolve pores and skin issues on the face.
Source: Live The Organic Dream

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