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This Oil Inhibits Cancer Growth Successfully, According To Research

Stop Cancer Growth – This Oil Can Help You! 
Over than 14 million people are diagnosed with some type of cancer every year all over the world. More than 8.2 million cancer cases end tragically. Studies show that the number of cancer mortality will increase by 70 percents in the next twenty years. All these numbers are so scary and terrifying! Every year billions of dollars are spent on finding a cure for cancer and the real cure is still not found. From the other side, although this planet has provided many effective natural remedies, the most of them cannot be patented. The Big Pharma denies all of them and they are forbidden from the cancer industry in the most countries around the world.

One of these remarkable and all natural cures is cannabis oil. At the University of Madrid are made research for the positive impact of cannabis on malignant brain cancer. According to Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular naturalist from the University of Madrid, cannabinoids from cannabis destroys cancer cells. It also improves the work of the immune system of the cancer patients.

THC eliminates cell apoptosis from all living cells that have some kind of unhealthy growth and an irregular DNK, and what’s best. And what is also important this process doesn’t kill healthy cells. The team observed the THC’s effect on cancerous cells in the case of the most complicated cancer types, such as the brain, prostate, breast, pancreas cancer, and leukemia.

The research was published in 2010 in the so-called PMS journal which is part of the National medicine library in the USA under the name “Cannabinoids reduce ErbB2-driven breast cancer progression through Akt inhibition”. But unfortunately, only some of the countries tried this natural cancer treatment.

Another study from the 1974 year that was published in the Journal of the National cancer institute under the name of Antineoplastic Activity of Cannabinoids, has shown that the lung cancer cells of experimental mice were gone after the oral consumption of cannabis oil.

In the 1998 year, Dr. Manuel Guzman examined the cell apoptosis provoked by cannabinoids from cannabis, and in his study, published in the journal Nature Medicine in 2002, he explained the way malignant brain cells were destroyed due to which he explains in details the destruction of malignant cells of brain cancer performed by cannabinoids. A lot of other studies have found that this oil has powerful health properties.

It has anti-cancer and many other healing abilities:

It Reduces and Heals Aches And Pains

Cannabis oil can eliminate or can reduce different types of pain. Its cannabinoids inhibit the neuronal transmission in pain pathways and this way it heals chronic pain and inflammation.

It Helps In Treatments Against Anxiety

Cannabis oil has potential to release pleasure hormones effectively and on this way, it relaxes the mind. It can lower high level of stress and has a power to make you calm. The cannabinoids can activate specific receptors within the body to produce pharmacologic effects.

This happens especially in the central nervous system and on the work of you immune cells.

How One Can Use Cannabis Oil To Stop Cancer Growth

This Oil Inhibits Cancer Growth Successfully, According To Research

Generally, 60 grams (or about 60ml) of cannabis oil is sufficient to stop cancer growth and to kill cancer, so an average individual will need 90 days to ingest the full 60-gram treatment of cannabis oil.

At the beginning of the process of healing, the patient should orally ingest 3 doses of cannabis oil daily. The dose in the first week should be about the size of a half grain of white rice. Next week the dose has to be doubled. Then the person needs to double it on every 4 days until he reaches a dose of 1ml daily.
Usually, people come to a dose of 1 gram daily in about 30-35 days. And after that, the treatment should continue with this dose until the person stops the cancer growth and heals himself (herself) from cancer.
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