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Pasteli Balls – The Remedy and Delicacy at the Same Time!

6000 Years Old Healing Remedy – Pasteli Balls!

Have you ever heard about pasteli balls? It is probably the tastiest recipe which you have ever tasted and which possesses excellent healing properties.
What are the pastel balls in fact? The combination of the ingredients of pasteli is really unique. The recipe has its origin from Ancient Greece and Levant.
This delicacy or if you like more you can call it medicine it is mentioned even at Homer’s Iliad and it was called “intrion”. This meal was given to the Hellenic warriors in order to have more strength and energy during the battles. Pasteli balls are mentioned also at the Ancient Egyptian scripts – Egyptian women were using pasteli to increase their sexual libido and enjoyment.

The famous Hellenic writer and “the father of the history” Herodotus called pasteli balls– the medicine and delicacy at the same time.

What are pasteli?!

It is a mixture of two super healthy foods:



They are also called “sesame and honey pie”.

Pasteli Balls – The Remedy and Delicates at the Same Time

Pasteli Balls- Recipe:

Pasteli Balls – Ingredients:

-300gr/ 10.5 oz tahini (pasta made by pure melted sesame)

-300gr/ 10.5 oz of raw honey.

Pasteli Balls – Preparation:

Mix the ingredients into a dish. Before you can extract the extra oil which is made at the tahini surface and remove it. The two ingredients are at liquid state, but when you mix them you will get solid mixture.

Pasteli balls are formed from this ready mixture. You can form pleasure balls of it or maybe other forms, but do not forget to cover them with fresh sesame seed. Place the pasteli balls into the dish and put them into the fridge. As an option you can add some finely chopped nuts.

Note: no bakingThe baking of balls is not recommended (although it is possible to do it) because that way the mixture will lose a bigger part of nutritive ingredients.

You can consume 2-3 pasteli balls daily. You should be aware that you will be tempted to continue after the third ball, but it is recommended to stop it because the mixture’s high caloric level.

pasteli balls3

Combination of these ingredients is really great source of health since it contains:

  • zinc,
  • iron,
  • fibers,
  • magnesium,
  • calcium,
  • copper
  • and many vitamins (especially of group B).

We can say that pasteli are containing almost all important ingredients for excellent health and proper organism functioning.

Pasteli Balls – Healing Benefits:

According the results of the made researches the synergy producing combination is effective also for regulation of the fats level into the blood, especially for proper ratio between LDL and HDL cholesterol. Pasteli are also very useful for regulation of improper heart functioning, for regulation of hypertension and for better blood circulation. They are excellent energy source at times of hard physical and brain works. Also it is proved that regular consuming of this mixture is good at chronic tiredness situations. It heals nervous conditions and depression and it improves libido, it stops stress just after three weeks of regular usage.

The latest study published at Clinical Journal of Nutrition confirmed the excellent healthy value of honey and sesame for reduction of depression, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis and hypertension.

Pasteli are containing 182 elements which are useful for our health and the most important is the presence of antioxidants which are stopping the development of cancer and other hard diseases.

Consuming one or two pasteli balls before some strenuous or important event will give you long-lasting energy and it will become excellent burning fuel for your organism.

It is important to note that tahini could be found at healthy super food groceries even it is very simple to prepare it at your home kitchen – only thing you need is to grind the sesame seed for a longer time into blender.


Enjoy in the flavor taste and the health benefits of the pasteli balls.



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