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Perfect Body as Megan Fox – Check the Menu Which has “Trimmed” the Famous Mom’s Body

Get a Secret of Her Body Transformation!
At the times when at American cinemas the remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles makes enormous success
(Megan Fox is playing one of the major roles)
the fans around the world are interested at the way this celebrity has trimmed her figure only at five months after the delivery of her child.

Is the Hard Work the Key Only?  Is There something Else?

There is a lot of sacrifice and hard work to be done in order to have perfect body like Megan.

This was also confirmed by her personal trainer Harley Pasternak which helps the famous actress to rich the ideal body proportions at only five months after she has given birth to her son Bodhi.

He claimed that her diet menu includes all nutritive ingredients as also as carbohydrates which are usually accused by nutritionists as a main reason for accumulation of extra pounds.

“Megan eats carbohydrates, but only those which are good for her body” – mysteriously confirmed Harley Pasternak.

This diet helped the celebrity to have a perfect body as we used to know at only five months.

Megan Fox Body

She eats three main meals and two snacks daily and she prepares all her meals since she is cooking for the rest of the family. You can find some proteins, healthy fats and fibers and even little bit of sweet at all her recipes.

How Does Look Megans Menu?

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