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How To Prevent Mosquito Bites Using This Common Ingredient?

Mosquitos are one of the most annoying bugs and in some areas they are serious threat to humans health.
They can ruin your wonderful date or happy mood simply and fast and not to mention the risk of some serious transmitted diseases, including Zika Virus.
Many of us are using some of the commercial repellents, but most of them are very expensive and packed in very little doses.
So if you are the outdoorsy type of person, you should prepare your wallet well during all summer season.
Also they contain chemicals that are also threat to your health.
The harmful effects of them in some cases tend to be more dangerous than mosquito bite.
So, it seems that this circle is closed and there is no escape.
Fortunately there is very good solution.

And believe or not, the coffee is again one of your best friends.

Prevent Mosquito Bites With Coffee Grounds – How?

How To Prevent Mosquito Bites Using This Common Ingredient

The Environmental Protection Agency says coffee grounds work as a very effective natural repellent that will keep many insects – including mosquitos, wasps and bees – away.

Many insects have a very strong sense of smell, and coffee grounds, which are incredibly strong-smelling when they burn, drive them crazy.

The Coffee Ground Method Against Mosquitoes:

How To Prevent Mosquito Bites Using Coffee

It is very easy and even more it is totally harmless to humans health.

Take the used or fresh coffee grounds and put them in a bowl.

Cover the bowl with aluminum foil. Leave them to stay like that in a dark, cool place until the coffee grounds dry completely.

After that, place the grounds (either in a bowl or on a sheet of foil) on a flat area outdoors and burn them like you would incense.

If you’re indoors and trying to keep mosquitos out, open your windows.

If you’re using this method at an outdoor gathering, just leave the bowl with coffee grounds to burn in a central place.

For better results add some fresh bay leaf to the coffee grounds and burn them together.

If it’s a windy day or the area you’re trying to de-bug is large, you may wish to place as many as 5 of these burning bowls around to make sure the area is well covered.

And that’s it. This way you will prevent the mosquito bites and at same time you will save your health.

It’s green, cheap and you don’t have to use all that chemicals on yourself or your children.

If You Want To See How This Coffee Tricks Works In Action – Check Out The Video Below:

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