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This Proven Shampoo Saved My Hair – The Best Effects Against Hair Loss

This is a recipe for the magnificent shampoo that prevents hair loss, stimulates hair growth, restores the shine of your hair, gives volume and elasticity.
This is a proven recipe that works 100%.
The hair is a symbol of beauty, but unfortunately, due to the various chemical and heating treatments, it becomes dry and damaged.
All these factors combined with high level of stress can cause the rapid hair fall.
If you want to stop all these unwanted consequences and to make your hair beautiful again, we suggest you this proven shampoo that works like magic.

The method of preparation is very easy and the recipe is effective 100%.

Only after several washes, you will notice that your hair loss is almost gone and your hair is stronger and brighter than ever before.

After 2 months of regular use, you will notice a new fiber grow and the greater hair volume.

100 % Effective Shampoo Recipe To Stop Hair Loss

Effective Shampoo Recipe To Stop Hair Loss!


  • 1 Nettle shampoo (1 liter)
  • Panthenol 100 ml
  • Essential nettle drops 30 ml
  • AD drops 30 ml
  • Castor oil 50 ml
  • 2 vials of vitamin B

* All ingredients you can buy from the pharmacy.


In 750 ml nettle shampoo add the panthenol, nettle drops, Castrol oil and AD drops.

Mix all ingredients well and the shampoo is ready for use.

What Are The Advantages Of This Shampoo For Hair Loss:

1. Nettle:

Nettle accelerates peripheral circulation and the metabolic processes inside the epidermis. Consequently, all the other ingredients of this shampoo will be absorbed faster and better.

2. Panthenol:

Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) act on the preservation of the correct function of the scalp and it stimulates the regenerative processes.

3. Castrol oil:

It strengthens the cuticle of the hair. It is rich in vitamin E and ricinoleic acid.

Vitamin E is an important antioxidant and it prevents the action of free radicals and their harmful effects on the skin of head and hair roots.

Despite the regenerative properties, castor has antifungal abilities and destroys the fungus responsible for the appearance of dandruff.

It protects the skin of the scalp and has calming and refreshing effects.

With its thick and sticky consistency, the castor oil removes dead cells from the scalp and thus prevents clogging of follicles.

4. AD drops:

Vitamin A acts on various physiological functions in the human body.

It has a regenerative effect on the scalp, ie differentiation of epithelial tissue.

My Experience With This Shampoo:

I use this shampoo for three months and I am very satisfied. My hair stopped falling, now it is healthier and more radiant.

The speed of hair growth has doubled and on touch, my hair is soft and gentle.

The shampoo has a very liquid consistency, so it is good to be shaken before each use.
Apply it on the hair and once it foams, massage the scalp for a few minutes to increase circulation and absorption of ingredients.
Leave it few minutes to activate and then rinse with water.
If you have excessive hair loss it is recommended to drink nettle tea.
Also, you have to make a control the hormonal status and blood, because iron deficiency and hormonal problems can lead to hair loss.
The nettle shampoo you can buy in any market, and the remaining ingredients in a pharmacy.

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