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The Pumpkin as a Healing Medicine!

Pumpkin – One of the Many Natural Gifts!
There is no disease which can’t be treated or which can’t be prevented from natural products and homemade remedies.
The Mother Nature takes care for all of us; we only have to find the way to connect with Her again.
Cucurbita Peo L – or pumpkin is a cruciferous plant which lifetime is one year.
It is creeper plant which stem is long to 10m and it is vertebrate and barbed.
Its leaves are big, heart-like and with serrated edges.
The fruit can reach the different size, but it is usually large and heavy.

All pumpkins do not have the same color which depends at its type.

The inner part has orange color and it is fleshy, juicy and tasty and it is filled with many seeds settled into the loose liner.

The pumpkin could be grown at fields and gardens.

Pumpkin Content:

The fleshy part of the pumpkin contains water, proteins, oil, carotene, manganese salts, vitamin C etc.

The seeds are containing: proteins, oil, resin, phosphoric and silicon acid.

Pumpkin as a Medicine

Preparation and Usage:

The pumpkin is used as a treatment of diseases of urinary tract, enteritis, psoriasis, diabetes etc.

So it is recommended to be used as much we can at our daily menu – no matter of the preparation way.

1. Homemade Pumpkin Medicine Used for Cleaning Treatments of Intestinal Parasites:


100-200 gr. of fresh peeled seeds is mixed with the same quantity of honey and they are ready for consummation. The adults should prepare this mixture at double quantity than children – about 400 gr. After 30 minutes the kids should take 1 tablespoon of castor oil (Ricinus communis) and adults should take 1 big spoon of it.

2. Homemade Diet Meal for People who are suffering of Heart and Kidney Diseases or Diabetes:

Pumpkin homemade medicine


About 300 gr. of pumpkin should be cut at small pieces and there should be added one tomato and one onion and to cooked at medium fire for about half an hour. This should be the meal for the whole day for the people with heart and kidney diseases and similar health problems. This meal shouldn’t contain salt.

3. Here are Some Other Useful Medicine Usages of Pumpkin:

The fresh grated pumpkin is used as coating for healing of skin wounds and skin rash.

The fresh grated pumpkin is also used as coating at varicose veins legs.
People who are suffering psoriasis or unhealthy skin changes they should drink a fresh squeezed pumpkin juice for a certain time.

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