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She Put Baking Soda Mask Under Her Eyes and the Results Are Incredible

This common kitchen item is one of the cheapest and most effective ingredients that keeps your skin healthy and nourished.
This baking soda mask is a real proof for that.
Except for beauty care, baking soda is often used also for treating different health issues.

The powerful benefits of baking soda have found their usage in skin and hair care, diseases treatment and also in improving the teeth health.

For skin care add baking soda in the tub water to remove skin inflammation and exfoliate the skin.

Also, it can be used for making natural deodorant without parabens or aluminum, so it is safe for the skin and face, too.

Today we speak how to use it for making one of the most effective face masks for any skin type.

How To Make This Baking Soda Mask?

She Put Baking Soda Mask Under Her Eyes and the Results Are Incredible

The preparation is very simple.

For basic baking soda mask, you have to mix 1 tbsp cold water and 1 and ½ tbsp of baking soda.

Apply this nourishing mixture on clean face.

After 10 min, rinse it with warm water.

People with dry skin should keep this face mask shorter since it removes excess face oils.

If you have an oily skin, keep it longer.

In the end, apply cream moisturizer.

The Magnificent Benefits of Baking Soda Mask For Face

This homemade mask for skin care is amazing for blackheads removal.
It helps in treating the infection that makes the blackheads and loosens your skin.

One of the best benefits of this efficient mask is acne removal and blemish removal.
It works as an antibiotic if you have problems with fungi on your skin.
Also, it erases face scars and your skin heals faster.

Baking soda mask is ideal for skin toning, too.
This homemade and cheap face mask will soothe skin inflammation.
It is antiseptic and opens pores nicely.

At the same time, it stops them from clogging and depositing oils in your skin.
And the most of all it removes dark skin under your eyes like no other skin care product.

How To Make This Baking Soda Mask
Many of us have a problem with dark skin under the eyes.
And we all know that the most other remedies aren’t so effective in treating this skin and beauty issue.
Fortunately, this baking soda mask might be your best miracle for the skin.
Via: positivemed.com

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