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Remarkable Matcha Tea Recipes – Miracle Improvement for Your Health

How You Can Use Matcha Tea to Fight Cancer and Other Diseases?

The famous Japanese green tea – matcha is prepared of young leaves of the plant called Camellia Sinensins.
It has been used for centuries not only in Japan, but also in other eastern Asian countries.
The traditional way of preparation is storing the leaves at dark place with almost no oxygen around.
It is scientifically proved that this was the way to keep extra strong antioxidant properties of this plant for a long time.
This beneficial tea offers you handful of health and joy!

Top 5 Extraordinary Healthy Properties of Matcha Tea

1. Metabolism Booster
This tea will help you to burn fats fast and efficient.

It is shown that consuming matcha tea increases the metabolism speed for 25%!

With no side effects this tea is real metabolic booster!
2. Fights Cancer
Full of antioxidants the matcha tea is your great ally at cancer prevention.

It affects the free radicals into the body.
3. The Elixir of Youth
Thanks to its antioxidants this magic tea has anti-aging properties too.

It will keep your skin shine and gentle and it will keep it safe of UV rays and other skin diseases.
4. Energy Booster
As other types of green tea this ancient Japanese tea contains high level of caffeine.

It will help you to feel powerful and full of energy during hard days.
5. Detox  Supplement
Do you want to cleanse your body of toxins?

If the answer is YES then you should consume this tea regularly and its chlorophyll will take away heavy metal particles and other toxins out of your cells.

Top 5 Extraordinary Healthy Properties of Matcha Tea

3  Remarkable Matcha Tea Healthy Recipes:

Except the traditional way of preparation of matcha tea by adding it at boiling water there are also many other ways to consume it and to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful healthy plant.

 1. Matcha Tea Smoothie

Preparation: Mix all ingredients into kitchen blender and add some ice cubes (optionally).

Enjoy the fresh healthy smoothie!

 2. Matcha Latte


  • 1 teaspoon of powdered matcha tea leaves
  • 400 ml low fat milk (or almond milk)
  • 1 tbsp natural honey

Matcha Tea Latte - Recipe

Preparation:  Add 120 ml of warmed almond milk into one mug.

Add the matcha and whisk it well until you get paste.

Add the honey and the rest of the milk and whisk it again until it gets smooth.

You will love your new healthy and tasty latte drink.

 3. Traditional Japanese Matcha Tea Recipe:


  • 1 teaspoon of powdered matcha tea leaves
  • 200 ml boiled warm water


At one matcha bowl put 1 tbsp of matcha tea.

Boil 200ml water and pour it into the matcha bowl.

Use the bamboo whisk and whisk fast until the tea is dissolved and the light green foam concentrates at the top of the bowl.

Drink the healing mixture right then and do not let the tea powder to drown at the bottom of the bowl.
Japanese people are enjoying it with respect, because it unites the harmony and purity and natural health into it.
So, enjoy the benefits of matcha tea!
Share their experience and boost your health rapidly!

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