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Romantic Lips By Honey!

If even the thought on your honey person wake romantic feelings and sweetness into you – then you should read the following advice for juicy and groomed lips at just 5 minutes !!!
The honey is perfect also as a medicine for dry lips which do not possess their own fat glandes to obtain the necessary moisture and gentleness.

For best effect put some honey at your lips and leave it there for 5 minutes.

The proteins and vitamins are going under the gentle lips skin and they make the lips soft, juicy and healthy again!
Honey Lips

The honey contains substances which are acting to the skin as healing food.
The vitamins, enzymes and mono-acids which are calming the irritation of the face and they are cleaning the problematic skin.
That is the reason that the honey is the main ingredient at many face skin-masks and at many substances for treatment of problematic skin and hair.

Honey Lips!!

So, what you are waiting for? Your honey lips are prepared for romance! 🙂


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