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Scented, Fresh and Healthy Salad – There is No One Which Could Resist It !

Be prepared for an entirely new combination of beetroots and horseradish.
It is simply delicious, fresh and irresistible, but healthy and useful at first place.
Prepare this salad as your dinner or prepare it as addition to your lunch and your meals will get another dimension and view.
The freshness and scented power produced at preparation of this salad will never let you indifferent, so I do believe that you will eat a good piece of it before you finish with its’ preparation.
One of the main advantages of this salad are its’ simple and easy preparation.
Easy and fast!

All you need to prepare this refreshing and healthy salad is as it follows:

Healthy Salad 3

Salad Ingredients:

• 2-3 middle size beetroots
• 1-2 middle size horseradish
• 2-3 fresh carrots
• 1 or 2 lemons
• optional some parsley or coriander
• salt (optional)

Note: for those one which diet could allow yogurt it is possible to replace the lemon with low-fat yogurt which could make this healthy salad creamy and more interesting.


(see its preparation on the next page)


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