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Secret Connection Of Your Headaches With Certain Diseases

Headaches are one of the most common pains.
Millions of people are suffering daily from this unpleasant body reaction which could be caused by many different reasons.
Sometimes it is enough to take a while until the headache stops; sometimes it is needed to take some painkiller, but always the best solution is to consume some natural product or remedy – all of it in order to get rid of this symptom.
There are many different types of headaches and the scientists still can’t explain all the health reasons which are causing this problem.

Headache could be caused by some simple causes as fatigue or dehydration, but sometimes it could be a sign of much more serious health problem.
Some doctors are explaining the way how to differentiate some types of headaches – which is very important in order to be precautious for some serious health problems.
Below is a video how to recognize

Dangerous Headaches – Your Body’s Red Light Warning Signals:

They are stressing the fact that this is very important in order to know how to treat different type of headache separately.

Also painkillers are very efficient at some cases but it is also known that they have also bad side-effects.

Below, there are mentioned some natural options to stop some kinds of headache.

Secret Connection Of Your Headaches With Certain Diseases!

1. Migraine Headaches – Symptoms and Treatment


It is a statistical fact that from migraine is suffering almost 15% of population in United States with no matter of age and sex.

Medical scientists are describing migraine as complex pain cause by many neurological symptoms.

It is an intense pain on one side of the head followed by visual problems, extreme sensitivity to sound and light, nausea, vomiting etc.


Combination of vitamin B12, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids is the best cure for this terrible pain. It is not only a painkiller but at the same time it is a preventive action.

Some studies from 2011 showed that moderate physical activity (as aerobic) are having the same effect to migraine as the commercial medicament “Topiramate” which is used to prevent migraine.

2. Cluster Headaches


It occurs usually at over one eyeball and it is more common to men than to women.

This headache is appearing suddenly starting with high-intense pain at eye or nasal area at one side of the head.

The real cause of this headache is unknown but it is noticed that its appearance is connected with activation of the nerve path in the brain base.


Cayenne pepper contains ingredients which are helping to block the nerve signals coming from the brain base.

Using some capsaicin crème (which contains cayenne pepper) will help you to get rid of this pain at very efficient way.

3. Tension Headaches


It is manifested with serious pain around the head, especially at its lower part and into the temples and into the neck.

It feels like radiating pain around the inflamed areas.

The most usual cause of this pain is contraction of the neck and scalp muscles caused by stress.


It is most important to find a way to relax the muscles at the pain area.

Ginger tea and peppermint oil are very helpful in producing cooling sensation at your head and neck.

Tension will relieve and the pain will go away slowly.

4. Sinus Headaches


It is headache characterized by intense pain at sinus areas and it is caused by sinus inflammations.

This pain is followed by fever, pressure at the eye area and forehead.


In order to reduce the sinus inflammation it is necessary to drink lot of fluids and warm drinks.

Anti-infection effects of vitamin C are also essential to fight the infection, so it is needed to consume food rich in vitamin C as citrus fruits, lemon green tea etc.

Fresh ginger has also anti-inflammatory properties but at the same time it can react as painkiller.

Resting and consumption of food rich in vitamins and liquids is the most proper way to fight this serious headache.

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