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Summer Nutrition Tips for Optimal Health

Every season is different. Some of us like winter, some others prefer autumn. Each season has its advantages, and we should know how to make them work for our own benefit. Summer is a splendid season to start introducing some lifestyle changes to boost your health, and here are some tips and tricks on how to do it.

  1. Hydration

One of the most important health lessons is to stay hydrated. We tend to forget this during work or cold months, but summer is an excellent time to start drinking more water. Water is a natural detox to your body, and the body needs it to function properly. And, guess what, with temperatures threatening to melt the concrete, drinking more water is not as hard as you would think. If you do not like the lack of taste in water, go for water with taste – you can make it yourself. Add some lemon, ginger, cucumber, or even some exotic spices, and there you have it: an excellent way to drink plenty of water and not even be aware of it.

  1. Fresh fruit and veggies

Summer Fruit and Veggies

I, personally, enjoy summer because I can eat as much fruit and vegetables as I want, without the fear of consuming too many calories. I eat them either fresh, or make smoothies. That way, I provide my body with fresh, and natural, vitamins and minerals these foods are abundant in, and, in the long run, they make my sweet cravings disappear when I eat them at least two or three days in a row.

  1. Season food and organic produce

As a rule of thumb, never buy food that is not usually grown locally at the time you buy it. That way you help the local economy, and make sure there is no need to grow food under special conditions, or import it from distant areas of world. This can also mean you should pay attention to buying organic produce, either in supermarkets, or finding a local farmer where you can see how the food is grown. Organic food sometimes can be more expensive – when you buy it in stores, but buying it locally can save you up bunch of money, so think frugally and find organics on a budget.

  1. Give up on artificial flavours and carbonated beverages

We know they are not healthy, but we tend to drink them either way. If you cannot completely avoid them, at least try decreasing the amount. Especially during summer, they almost never quench our thirst, so we tend to drink more and more. As summer is already abundant in natural and delicious taste of fresh produce, we really do not need the artificial ones.

  1. Summer Iced coffee:

There are both advantages and disadvantages to drinking coffee. While some say it is bad, as it makes your breath smelly and your teeth yellowish, to say the least, others say it can regulate blood pressure and keep you up and running all day. Whatever the truth behind either of the claims, if you cannot give it up, try iced coffee instead. Your body will welcome the refreshment! It is relatively new on the market, and its benefit is you get to keep the coffee intake, but the cold brewing process eliminates all the bad stuff out of our favourite drink and leaves only the sheer divine taste we enjoy in so much.

  1. Go for nuts

Summer Snacks - Nuts

Although we can grab them on the go any time during the year, the truth is they are best in summer, when fresh. Yet, you will probably need a couple of times to get used to the taste of raw nuts or almonds, because we tend to eat them when they are already dry. They are good because they can satiate your hunger any time. But, be aware they are also rich in calories, so keep the amount low, or spread it onto several days instead of consuming it all at once.

  1. Exercise!

There is no better time to start exercising than summer. The weather is nice, you can wear light clothes, and days are longer… So introducing at least a half an hour walk a day or a beach volleyball session is not just the exercise routine you need, but also an excellent way to have summer fun with your friends or family.


matt2 Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of  heavy objects.    After graduating from the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing tips for  better life at highstylife.com and  other health blogs. Follow him on Twitter.

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