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Sunflower Oil or Sesame Oil – How To Boost Your Health With Them?

Oil Pulling with Sunflower Oil or Sesame Oil – Here It Is Why:

It is about the method which belongs to Ayurveda medicine and it was described at the ancient books of India.
This method is used for removing the toxic elements out of your body. This removal is achieved by daily rinsing of the oral cavity with sunflower oil or sesame oil. The oil should not be swallowed but it has to be spit out and the mouth to be washed with clean warm water.
This way it is allowed to the organism to fight the potential diseases without any side effects which are usually connected to commercial medicament.

The oil therapy should be performed only by cold pressed and unrefined oils. It is recommended to be done with sunflower oil or sesame oil. Sometimes the olive oil is used, too.

Oil Pulling With Sunflower Oil or Sesame Oil as Prevention and Healing Treatment – Instructions:

Oil Pulling with Sunflower Oil or Sesame Oil - Here It Is Why

1) Recommended time for oil pulling is in the mornings before eating or even before brushing your teeth. But you will have the benefit also if you make this procedure any time that is good for you.

2) Use about 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil or sesame oil (organic) . If you are trying this healthy method for the first time be careful to don’t take too much, because it could make you to feel gag and in this case you wouldn’t be able to swish it around your mouth effectively.

3) Next step – Swish Away! Move the sunflower oil or sesame oil around your mouth as a long as you can. It is recommended to swish it minimum 10 minutes and the ideal duration of this procedure is about 15-25 minutes. You can notice that the oil will change its consistency. This is because it will attract all toxins and bacteria to it. And while you are pulling the oil you don’t have to stop with doing all other morning routines like skin brushing or preparing coffee.

4) The fourth step is to spit out the oil. You can spit it out into the waste container. If you have pulled the oil long enough, it can look milky and cloudy and that is OK. That means that all toxins and bacteria from your mouth are decimated.

5) Rinse the mouth with plenty of warm water (warm water can make miracles for your health,too)  or you can use warm salt water instead. And SPIT OUT THE WATER, TOO!

6) At the end brush the teeth and it will be better if you can to use homemade toothpaste.


1) NEVER swallow the oil!!! Remember that now it is full with toxins and you are sure that you don’t want to have them into your body.

2) Make sure if you are not allergic on sunflower oil or sesame oil. Instead you can use coconut oil, also.

This method has been proved as very efficient against many diseases and health problems such as: headache, toothache, chronic fatigue, insomnia, asthma, eczema, lung diseases, arthritis, health problems with digestive system, kidney diseases, heart problems etc.

Except the above mentioned this therapy helps you to keep your teeth clean and white, it stops the possible gum bleeding and it is very helpful at periodontitis.

The main secret of this method is the fact that all six litters of blood are circulating through the salivary glands and the oil extracts the toxins out of it.

Prevention Treatments With These Healing Oils

Oil Pulling with Sunflower Oil or Sesame Oil - the benefits

Except its healing efficiency this therapy could be used as a prevention since it strengthens the immunity and that way it stops many diseases.

Prevention is done by one treatment daily, usually in the mornings at empty stomach. For therapeutic purposes the rinsing should be repeated three times a day before meals. The lasting of the therapy depends of the type of disease and of the general health condition of the organism. Usually it is recommended to use this therapy with sunflower oil or sesame oil for one week for acute diseases and at case of chronic diseases it should be performed for couple of months in order to give the desired healing effects.


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