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Superfood – 5 Amazing and Easy Smoothies

Erica Giovinazzo is a nutritionist who works at a spa in New York City.
She says that the best breakfast is the one that combines protein, fiber and carbs (health.com).
Superfoods are those types of foods that are packed with nutritive value.
That means that balanced smoothies that contain superfoods make for a perfect breakfast. With that in mind, here are the five easy and amazing smoothies to start your day.

Superfood Smoothie 1 – Pomegranate Red Bomb

Obviously, you will need to peel that pomegranate for this smoothie, but that effort will be worth your while.

Mix it up with some nut milk and add a banana.

This will definitely cover your needs for proteins and vitamins.

To add some fiber to the mixture, add acai.

With a little bit of ice and coconut flake, it will be delicious.

Superfood 1 -Pomegranate Red Bomb

Superfood Smoothie 2 – The K Shock with Kiwi and Kale

This delicious and amazingly energizing smoothie is all you need to start your day. It contains not one, but two superfoods: kiwi and kale. Mix them up with tons of other fun stuff like: watermelon, passion fruit and mango. To add something special to the mixture, do it with goji berries and even some bee pollen. Some parsley and mint will add a healthy twist to that taste.

Superfood 2 - The K Shock with Kiwi and Kale

Superfood Smoothie 3 – The Rich Aromas of the Fall

Nothing says that the winter is coming like the taste and the smell of apples and cinnamon. That is why you should mash them up with some healthy goji berries and bananas, orange, vanilla and amaranth. Goji berries are a very healthy superfood that will keep the viruses away. The rich taste of this smoothie will make you want seconds.

Superfood 3 - The Rich Aromas of the Fall

Superfood Smoothie 4 – Delicious Amla Colada

Amla is an amazing source of vitamin C. That is why these super-berries will go perfectly well with some pineapple and spinach. Tons of vitamin C and the vitamin A will be reinforced by precious potassium that you can add to this smoothie by adding a banana. The fall is a tricky season and you need to make sure that your immune system is ready and amla is perfect for hair care as well. If you feel you need something extra, remember to visit a vitamin shop online and search for some natural superfood vitamin supplements to add to your smoothies.

Superfood 4 - Delicious Amla Colada

Superfood Smoothie 5 – Healthy Taste of Thanksgiving

All the interesting and amazing protein filled ingredients associate to the Thanksgiving season. Mash up some carrots, peas and dates together. You will get a rich and sweet taste. Add some walnut milk to it for protein and texture. A dash of cinnamon will do the trick in the end and make this a proper breakfast for the Thanksgiving morning.

Superfood 5 - Healthy Taste of Thanksgiving

Smoothies are made from tasty and healthy things. They are easy and fun to make and you can always come up with some new combinations. Therefore, use these superfood-based smoothies as a start and make your own combinations that will keep you fit and healthy and ready for the challenges that your day and the seasons to come carry with them.

By Guest Author Roxana Oliver

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