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Symptoms of Fatty Liver and How to Cure It?

The liver steatosis or fatty liver is one of the most common health problems nowadays. It is caused by increased fat deposits in the liver which could be very dangerous. The symptoms of fatty liver are almost invisible because this disease needs several years to progress to the next stage.
In that stage symptoms become noticeable. The liver is one of the most important organs in our body.
It cleans the blood, it takes care of proper glucose level, it dissolves fats and it is a place where many important life substances as enzymes are produced.

Symptoms of Fatty Liver and How to Cure It
If the liver is overloaded it can lead to serious health problems. This overload is noticed by increased cholesterol level, high blood pressure, bloated belly etc.
So these mentioned symptoms of fatty liver are the first signs of steatosis. Steatosis is diagnosed in cases where the fats are 5-10% of the liver weight. Other signs could be upper stomach pains, weakness, fatigue, dark skin spots etc. It is also important to note that the alcohol is having very bad influence at worsening these symptoms and health status of the liver. The cirrhosis is another possible liver healthy problem caused by alcohol overconsumption.

Recognize the Symptoms of Fatty Liver and Find Out How to Cure Liver Steatosis

Since there is no strict treatment of fatty liver it is important to treat the consequences of liver dysfunction as diabetes, obesity etc. If this medical condition is caused by overtaking alcohol it is highly recommended to avoid alcohol use in any form. Some physical exercises, proper diet, and body gym could improve the health condition in this case also.

Two Natural Recipes for Fatty Liver Proper Diet

Proper meal means low-calorie intake and decreased intake of processed food and sugar. Also, it means the reduction of saturated fats consumption. Meals should be prepared on steam or grilled with a small amount of olive oil. In case of noticed symptoms of fatty liver, some healthy diet recommendations should be followed. There are following two interesting healthy and natural recipes which will help you to treat your fatty liver right.

  1. Dandelion Tea for Liver Steatosis

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of dandelion root, 3dl of water.

Preparation: Chop the dandelion root into small pieces and pour the water over it and leave it like that for 20-30 minutes. Strain it and it is ready for a drink. Take this tea in the morning and to sleep in the evening. This healing tea is an ideal drink if you want to have a healthy liver.

  1. Mixed Tea Against Cirrhosis

Ingredients: For the preparation of this tea you will need 30 grams by every following plant: nettle, clover, yarrow, calendula, corn silk, and hops. The only other thing you will need is 3dl of warm water.

Preparation: Mix all chopped plants together. One tablespoon of the mixture should be put into the bottle full of water. Leave the solution for 10 minutes. Strain the tea and drink it without adding any sweetener. It will help you to get rid of the fat deposits in your liver and your general health will improve significantly day by day. The symptoms of fatty liver will have to disappear at no time.



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