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The Power of Healing Benefits of Frankincense

What Do You Know About Healing Benefits of Frankincense ?!

So tiny and so strong at the same time!

This aromatic resin is extracted of the tree called Boswellia and by its burning it makes extremely strong and unusual pleasant aroma.
The health benefits of frankincense are numerous and many of them are not widely known to the people.
There are many families keeping this natural resin at their homes and it is very rare the frankincense to be used at medical purposes.
Here are some of the common healing uses of frankincense:healing arthritis, healing the wounds, for regulation of women hormones and as a protection of pathogenic substances.
At Middle East countries people are using this resin for health care of the oral cavity.
They are chewing the incense and that way they are improving the health status of their teeth and gums.
Frankincense possesses antimicrobial properties and it stops the infection.
The Power of Healing Benefits of Frankincense
Image source: www.wikipedia.org

Many health benefits of frankincense are confirmed by medical examinations.

The frankincense is calming the arthritis pain without any unwanted side effects.

It improves the blood circulation through the blood vessels which are damaged by inflammatory processes.

The scientific researches confirmed that frankincense extract called incense acetate is decreasing the neurological damages and it is efficient against depression and anxiety.

It lowers the cholesterol level and it prevents the blood vessels diseases.

The frankincense is used for anti-stress therapies and to prevent tension, hysteria and depression.

Bath with oil of frankincense helps at menstrual pains and at cases of inflammations of urinary tract.

It also helps to heal bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, colds and allergies.

Use the numerous benefits of frankincense and enjoy its unique aroma!

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