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The Quick Diet Which Can Cave Your Summer Holiday!

It has been a long time since you started trying to lose some weight, but it still doesn’t work.
You are taking care of your body, but the results are missing.
You are trying different diets which make you tired following their long-term and complicated schedules.
Even worse – your summer holiday is near and you do not know how you will start your bikini season without your extra pounds ruining your summer mood.
The things are not always so bad like it seems at the first sight.

Using this quick diet you can lose 2-3 pounds in five days and you will be in a position to prepare your favorite bikini and to look adorable at the beach.

The Power of Prunes is the Most Important at This Diet!

The prunes diet is one of the many quick diet styles and it should be practiced at maximum 5 days and it is recommended to be used just in case of urgent needs.

In order to have results, it is necessary strictly following the instruction if you would like to lose 2-3 pounds in 5 days.

It is also important to notice that this diet should not be repeated often and not to last longer than 5 days.

The best time for this diet is before the lifetime moments when we would like to look adorable or before the summer vacation when everyone wants to look slim, fit and attractive at the seaside.

Happy Prunes
During the diet, the meals should be taken at every 3 hours and they should be followed with physical activities.

We all know that there is no successful diet if there is no gym and exercises following it or at least some physical activity.

So, girls do not forget your sneakers at the time when you practicing this diet!

Your Daily Menu Should as it Follows:

Breakfast – 6 prunes
• Morning Snack – 1 apple
• Lunch – 1 boiled egg and 1 sausage
• Lunch Snack – the same as the Lunch
• Dinner – a glass of low-fat yogurt

The prunes are real treasure made of minerals and vitamins.

Did you know that prunes have much more antioxidants than any other fruits and vegetables?!

They contain extremely large percent of fibers which are taking care of our digestive system.

Much more important is that the prunes are the source of quercetin which is the strongest antioxidant and protects our body of different kinds of cancer.

The prunes have an energetic value of 240 kcal at 100g (1000kJ / 100g) and a high percent of fibers (7g / 100g).

The prunes also contain high quantities of flour, vitamin K, and potassium.

Flour rich fruits are very useful for your teeth and bones, but at the same time, they protect us from bacterial infections.

Apple and Prunes Diet

Using prunes at your daily menu is equal to a real bomb of healthy and much more important usable minerals and vitamins.

The prunes are a nr.1 product which guarantees the successful diet!

Why is this Prunes Diet so Successful?

As we already said – the prunes are rich in fibers, so they are regulating the food digestion.

Consummation of 3-4 prunes at morning will speed up the food digestion and it will make it easier.

The Prunes are accelerating the metabolism for unbelievable 30 percents.

They are the great source of magnesium and fibers, but they have fewer calories than other fruit (235 cal / 100g prunes).

The groups of North American scientists were taking investigations at the influence of the prunes at different diets and they get the conclusion that the reasons of speeding the metabolism by prunes are chemical reactions and the perfect balance of fiber and minerals contained in this fruit.

The prunes combined with apples are making this diet extremely effective and at the same time healthy and useful for right nutrition and care for your body and health.

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