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The Top 12 Cancer Causing Products in The Average Home

Yes, you can spend hours on the Internet searching for products with unfavorable results on your health, but it’s never enough with the number of possible threats that are readily available in our house alone.
To make things easier for you, here is a list of the leading 12 cancer causing products you need to avoid. Cancer Prevention Union (CPC), Ralph Nader, and smartklean.com have made a list of the 12 most common products used on the market. These items are found in nearly every home in America, so ensure you read this short article carefully.

Cosmetics And Personal Care Cancer Causing Products

The Top 12 Cancer Causing Products in Your Home

Baby powder (Johnson & Johnson. Inc.)

Identified Harmful Ingredient: TALC, carcinogen; increases the threat for ovarian cancer; aggravates the lungs.

Model Replenishing Natural End up Comprise (Foundation) (Procter & Gamble. Inc.)

Labeled Harmful Components: BHA, Carcinogenic, TALC, Carcinogen; Irritates lungs,

BHA, Carcinogenic, TALC, Carcinogen; Irritates lungs, TRIETHANOLAMINE (TEA), In the response with nitrites it forms carcinogenic nitrosamines, LANOLIN, polluted with DDT and other carcinogenic chemicals (pesticides).

PARABENS, Contact dermatitis, FRAGRANCE, contains a great deal of unlabeled, untried, and harmful substances; contact dermatitis.

Crest Tartar Control Tooth paste— (Procter & Gamble. Inc.)

Labeled Toxic Components: FD&C BLUE # 1, Carcinogen, SACCHARIN, Carcinogen, FLUORIDE, potential carcinogen.

Alberto VO5 Conditioner (Essence of Neutral Henna)

Labeled Hazardous Active ingredients:

FORMALDEHYDE, Carcinogenic; neurotoxin; contact dermatitis and sensitizer, POLYSORBATE 80, often contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, a carcinogen, FD&C RED # 4, Carcinogenic, SCENT, variety of undisclosed components; contact dermatitis.

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy (Permanent Haircolor) (Clairol. Inc.)

Labeled Poisonous Components:

QUATERNlUM-15, launches formaldehyde; carcinogen; neurotoxin; contact dermatitis and sensitizer, DIETHANOLAMINE (DEA), Carcinogen; In contact with nitrites forms carcinogenic nitrosamine, PHENYLENE-DIAMINES, includes carcinogens and other substances that are not completely checked for their cancer-causing properties; contact dermatitis,

PHENYLENE-DIAMINES, includes carcinogens and other substances that are not completely checked for their cancer-causing properties; contact dermatitis, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, Contact dermatitis, FRAGRANCE, various undisclosed active ingredients; contact dermatitis.

KEEP IN MIND: Research studies have actually shown that it might be associated with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, several myeloma, and other cancer types.

Household Cancer Causing Products

Ajax Cleanser (Colgate-Palmolive. Inc.)

Unlabeled Toxic Components:

CRYSTALLINE SILICA, Carcinogenic; aggravates eyes, skin and lungs.

NOTE: In 1994 Material Security and Data Sheet (MSDS) confirmed that silica is carcinogen.

( The manufacturers claim to have lowered the level of silica considering that 1993.).

Zud Heavy Duty Cleanser (Reckitt & Colman. Inc.)

Unlabeled Toxic Ingredient:

CRYSTALLINE SILICA, Carcinogen; irritates eyes, skin and lungs (Product Safety and Data Sheet rejected its carcinogenic homes).

Lysol Disinfectant Spray (Reckitt & Colman. Inc.)

Identified or Unlabeled Toxic Component:.

ORTHOPHENYLPHENOL (OPP): Carcinogen; causes inflammation. (Material Security and Data Sheet rejected its cancer-causing residential or commercial properties.).

Zodiac Cat & Dog Flea Collar (Sandoz Agro. Inc)

Identified Hazardous Active ingredient:.

PROPOXUR, Cancer-causing properties; neurotoxin, Ortho Weed-B-Gon Lawn Herbicide (Monsanto Co.).

Labeled Toxic Active ingredient:.

SALT 2,4-DICHLOROPHENOXYACETATE (2,4-D), Carcinogenic; research studies show a possible relation with lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma, and other types cancer; neurotoxin; impacts the reproductive system.

Cancer Causing Products – Food

Beef Frankfurters– (eg. Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation)

Unlabeled Poisonous Components:

BENZENE HEXACHLORIDE, Carcinogen, DACTHAL, Carcinogenic (potentially polluted with dioxin); triggers inflammation; strong sensitizer, DIELDRIN, Carcinogen; xenoestrogen, DDT, Carcinogen; xenoestrogen,

HEPTACHLOR, Carcinogen; neurotoxin; affects the reproductive system; xenoestrogen, HEXACHLOROBENZENE, Carcinogen; neurotoxin; teratogenic,

LINDANE, Carcinogen; neurotoxic; damages blood-forming cells, HORMONES: Carcinogen; feminizing, ANTIBIOTICS: Possible carcinogens, trigger allergic reaction and resistance to drugs.

Labeled Component:

NITRITE, In the response with meat amines forms carcinogenic nitrosamines. These increase the threat for youth cancers.

Entire Milk– (eg. Borden or Lucerne).

Unlabeled Hazardous Components:

DDT, Carcinogen; xenoestrogen, DIELDRIN, Carcinogen; xenoestrogen,

HEPTACHLOR, Carcinogen; neurotoxin; impacts the reproductive system; xenoestrogen, HEXACHLOROBENZENE, Carcinogen; neurotoxin; impacts the reproductive system.

PRESCRIPTION ANTIBIOTICS: Prospective carcinogens, trigger allergies and resistance to drugs, RECOMBINANT BOVINE DEVELOPMENT HORMONE and IGF-1: Boosts the danger for breast, colon and prostate cancers.

Much safer Option:

rBGH-free Raw Organic.

” What is particularly galling about the “Dirty Lots”, describes Ralph Nader, “is that these hazardous chemicals do not have to be there. Yet these corporations continue to expose people to health hazards needlessly.”.

Today there are no cautions on the labels, and you practically do not know whether the products you are purchasing cause cancer and other illness or not. You can see foods labeled for cholesterol, however never for any carcinogens.

Cosmetics are identified for various ingredients, but not for the most health-threatening. Except for pesticides, many household products offer no details about their material.

Cancer rates increase every day. Science states that about one-third of everyone will develop cancer, and one-fourth will ultimately pass away from it. Many individuals are identified with cancer because of the items they utilize and the food they consume.

Consider other items: A lot of top quality laundry detergents.

Toxic substances can easily enter our organism through the skin. Think twice before cleaning your clothes in contaminants that leave residues behind. A research study by Clemson University discovered that 2% of fabric’s weight, in fact, originates from the laundry detergents. Pay unique attention to this, because skin takes in 75% of fat-soluble substances within 26 seconds.

Hidden Harmful Ingredients

Linear alkyl sodium sulfonates (LAS) or ‘anionic surfactants’, carcinogen, impacts the reproductive system.
Petroleum Distillates, carcinogen, damages lungs, triggers lung swelling and damages the mucous membrane.
Phenols, neurotoxins, hazardous for the heart, blood vessels, lungs, and kidneys.
Sodium hypochlorite (household bleach): In contact with organic products produces carcinogenic and poisonous compounds, and these cause reproductive, endocrine and immune system conditions.
Try to stay away from these cancer causing products and avoid any posibibility of getting some type of cancer. Spread information with your realtives and friends to keep them safe, too.
Source: healthylifecommunity.com


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