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Top 5 Healthy Delicious Foods That Will Make Your Body Surf on Fresh Sea Wave! Wow!

Dehydration is very often body condition during the summer months.
The reasons of this are high temperatures and humidity which are causing more intensive sweating and water discharge through our skin pores. Outdoor’s activities and sun exposure are other factors at reaching this condition.
The main reason of dehydration is the imbalance of the electrolytes in our body.
Losing extra body water without its proper re-addition and the imbalance of the electrolytes are followed by dehydration.
Your fresh drink on the beach

According to some nutrition scientist refreshment with water at every 10 minutes could prevent dehydration successfully. But, is the consuming fresh water the only way to supplement the lost amounts of water of our body or it can be achieved by eating delicious foods rich in water and other nutritive ingredients? Of course not!

Here are some of the healthy delicious foods which could help you so much at summer months to keep your water and electrolyte balance.

It is summertime! Give your body fresh experience! Let the sea waves show its power. Feel them with all your sense! Surfing on tasty smoothies and drinks will bring the see in your home. Find these 5 top delicious foods and make them your best friends during this long and hot summer!

Green cucumber smoothie

Cucumber or Cucumber Smoothie!

Cucumber is preventing dehydration and it is very important source of vitamin C. You can always prepare your cucumber smoothie at your kitchen blender. Very refreshing and very useful is drinking water at which you have added cucumber slices previously.

Healthy Chia Seeds

These nutty crunches are absorbing water when added to smoothies, milk or yogurt and to different fruit juice. It is a great way to hydrate your body during the summer heat and to consume a tasty snack at the same time.

Chia Seeds and Fruit

Fresh Yogurt

Every of many kinds of yogurt contains proteins, enzymes, electrolytes, and calcium. It is one of the most popular refreshing drinks. It is very often mixed with a different kind of fruit. Served with fruits the frozen yogurt is excellent and tasty hydrating media.

Yogurt Drink

Watermelon Experience

One of the most popular summer refreshments is watermelon. The water rich and tasty chilled slice of watermelon will not only prevent the dehydration but it will also make your body more vital and you will input a good quantity of vitamin A and antioxidants.

Watermelon on the bech

Rooibos Iced Tea

This tasty herbal tea is very useful at summer times. It is caffeine free and it has anti-oxidant properties. It helps regulation of electrolyte balance and can be served in many different ways, especially cold. One of the best is to be mixed with lemon, mint leaves, and natural sweetener.

Rooibos iced tea

Never believe that you have only one choice! Life is too short for having boring repetitive habits. Taste the day and night in all their ways and colors. Start with these top 5 delicious and healthy foods and every following day bring a new experience into your life! Happy summer days!


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