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Top 6 Natural Juices To Revitalize Your Body!

Revitalize Your Body With These 6 Natural Juices!

The healthiest way to revitalize your body by “vitamin bomb” is by consuming homemade natural juice. Fresh fruit juices are cleaning the body of toxins and vegetable juices are regenerating the body and they are improving the immunity.
Only things you need are juicer and a good will, so the glass of health will become a glass of pleasure at the same time.

Natural Juice 1 – Apple juice!

Natural Juice 1 - Apple juice!

The apple natural juice contains pectin which cleans the liver and intestines and it regenerates the intestinal flora. This juice absorbs the toxins of the intestines and that way it helps the cleaning of the blood and the skin. The apple juice also helps the extracting of the urine acid. Thanks to its richness with vitamins and minerals the apple juice protects the heart and the blood vessels and it decreases the level of cholesterol. It is very important this juice to be 100% natural with no additives and no sugar.

Natural Juice 2 – Carrot Juice!

The carrot juice contains beta-carotene, folic acid, vitamins C, B and E, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium etc. The carrot is a great supporter of processes of skin care; it protects the nails and the hair. It is rich also in vitamin A which stimulates the cell growth and their proliferation, it normalizes the exchange of the substances and it keeps the chemical balance into the organism. It is very useful for improving the immunity and improving the eye vision.

Recommendations: Since there is a significant sugar quantity into the carrot – this vegetable is not recommended to be consumed at larger portions and it is the best solution to be diluted at scale 1:1 with water or with other fruit or vegetable juice.

For body refreshment: For this natural juice you have to blend two carrots, one apple and piece of celery into the juices and use this tasty drink for refreshment.

Natural Juice 2 - Carrot Juice!

For strengthening the organism: put into the juicer two carrots, two beetroots and one lemon. You can also add some parsley, sesame and even one tablespoon of royal jelly. This natural juice is recommended to smokers because it blocks the carcinogens contained into the cigarettes.

Natural Juice 3 – Tomato juice!

Tomato juice contains lycopene which is one of the best protectors of cancer and heart diseases, but it also protects the skin of the influence of ultra-violet rays. Also it contains vitamins C and E, so it is used to relax the nerves. You should use the pure tomato juice or diluted with water at scale 1:2 (one part pure tomato juice and two parts of water).

Natural Juice 3 - Tomato juice!

Natural Juice 4 – Cabbage Juice!

The cabbage leaves contain potassium, sulfur, iron, calcium and selenium. These elements are protecting the organism of cancer, but they also have positive influence to the gastric and intestinal mucosa. This way by consuming cabbage juice you could prevent the gastric ulcer or even to heal it if it is already there. The natural juice from cabbage contains vitamins C, B and E and pro-vitamin A.

Recommendations: The cabbage juice has a very strong aroma and it is recommended to be consumed mixed with an apple or carrot juice. The celery has also the similar ingredients, so this plant could be used as a replacement for cabbage.

Natural Juice 4 - Cabbage Juice!

Natural Juice 5 – Potato Juice!

Potato natural juice contains vitamins C, B and K and minerals: calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. It is very good for digestive tract. It helps at cases of chronic gastritis, stomach acidity, stomach gasses and bloating, colitis, constipation etc.

Recommendations: The potato juice could be used in combination with cabbage or carrot juice. It is important to use ripe potato for preparation of the juice (since July to February), because the germs and the green shell are containing solanine (toxic material which could be found at potatoes at periods from March to June).

Natural Juice 5 - Potato Juice!

Natural Juice 6 – Beetroot juice!

It contains many vitamins and minerals (phosphorus, potassium and sulfur) which are essential for creation of the erythrocytes. It also contains magnesium which strengthens the nerve system. It favorably affects at states of disturbed menstrual cycle, climacteric conditions, rheumatism and hypertension. The beetroot natural juice is an excellent remover of toxins out of the organism.


The beetroot natural juice should be kept into the fridge for three hours before consuming it. The reason is a presence of substances which are causing nausea. These substances are disappearing after keeping the juice at cold place. It is recommended to drink a glass of this juice daily (in the evenings).

Natural Juice 6 - Beetroot juice!
With these healthy and natural juices you will revitalize your body and they will be also your weapon against many diseases.

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