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Top 9 Kidney Healthy Foods!

These super foods for kidney health are containing special substances – so called antioxidants which are reacting with free radicals and that’s way they are protecting our body and health in general. The results of kidney diseases treatments are pointing out the importance of these substances not only for the mentioned disease but also as a preventive against heart diseases, cancer and other dangerous conditions.

Kidney Healthy Food No. 1 -Dandelion Greens!

1.Dandelion Greens for Kidney Health!

Dandelion greens have diuretic properties which are making it useful for reducing a many symptoms of some kidney conditions with its function to promote urine production.  One study of the “Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine” from August 2009, has founded that this herb can cause magnificent increase of the urine output. They have found  this food like one powerful diuretic.

Kidney Healthy Food No. 2 – Red Bell Pepper!

Red bell peppers are great source of vitamin C and Vitamin A and B6, fiber and also folic acid. They are high in flavor and at same time these vegetables are low in potassium and that is one more reason why this plant based foods are good for your kidneys.

1.Dandelion Greens for Kidney Health!

Kidney Healthy Food No. 3 – Parsley!

It is well known that fruit juices are great cleansing remedies for kidneys. But there is one thing that you probably don’t know for the parsley. It is rich whit Vitamins B, C, A and it has high levels of copper, riboflavin, iron and thiamin and that’s why it is believed that parsley is more effective than many fruit juices in stimulating the elimination process of urea.

Parsley - Kidney Healthy Food!

  •  Avoid usage of parsley during pregnancy!

Kidney Healthy Food No. 4 – Burdock Root!

Health benefits of burdock root for kidney function are known since the ancient times. It has been used in treatment of kidney diseases for several thousands of years because of its ability to inhibit protein leakage and its property to improve anti-complement activity.

Burdock Root for Kidney Health!

Kidney Healthy Foods No. 5 –  Cruciferous Veggies!

Cruciferous vegetables are rich with phytochemicals, substances that break up free radicals before they make a terrible damage in our bodies. Also, many phytochemicals are known like protectors against cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. These veggies are high in Vitamins: K, C, B6, folic acid and fiber. And they are low in cost and potassium, which is making them one of the main products of kidney diet.

Cruciferous Veggies for Kidney Health!

Kidney Healthy Foods No. 6 – Garlic and Onions!

Low in potassium and rich with chromium, the onion and the garlic are one of the first friends of your kidneys. Although their usage for treatment in kidney diseases, their health benefits are proven in many areas of body health and these kidney healthy foods are also one of the most common fighters against many tips of cancer.

Garlic and Onions for Kidney Health!

Kidney Healthy Food No. 7 – Cilantro!

Cilantro (coriander leaves) has a great detox ability. This kidney healthy food is used for detoxification from mercury, aluminum, cadmium and other dangerous elements. It has also very strong diuretic effect and that how this herb helps for lower risk of kidney stones.

Cilantro for Kidney Health!

Kidney Healthy Foods No. 8 – Apples!

As well as from large spectrum of diseases, apples can protect you and from kidney disease. One medium apple contains 0 mg. – sodium, 158 mg. – potassium and 10 mg. of phosphorus. They are high in fiber and anti-inflammatory compounds. Don’t forget to put apples on the list of your daily menu.

Apples for Kidney Health!

Kidney Healthy Foods No. 9 – Berries!

Berries are great sources of manganese; they are high with Vitamin C. All kinds of berries are rich with folate and fiber. You can consume them raw or you can blend them in various fruity infusions. Berries and other fruits and vegetables mixed together in smoothies and juices are one of the best detox choices for your kidneys.
Kidney Healthy Foods No. 9 - Berries!!
Make sure that you will have at least 3 or 4 of these kidney healthy foods in your menu every day to save your kidney health!

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