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Using Nail Polish Is Dangerous. This Is What It Does To Your Body!

Nail polish, although it looks safe, is really very hazardous and it can trigger a lot of health problems because of the chemical components that it contains. These compounds can make a lot of problems outside and within the body.
Studies reveal that even the most popular nail polish brand names have a lot of toxic substances and chemical substances which are very damaging and can cause illness and hormone imbalance. In one of the studies carried out, for revealing the truth about the nail polish, were included 20 ladies who polish frequently their nails with popular nail polish brand names. The outcomes were shocking. The triphenylphosphate, component consisted of in the nail polishes, is extremely damaging to the endocrine system and it was discovered in the body after 10 hours after the nail polish has been applied.

This compound is present in almost every nail polish. Another study reveals that from 10 checked brand names, triphenylphosphate existed in 8 of them. The scary truth is that a few of these brands don’t even list the triphenylphosphate as a substance on the label.

What is Actually Triphenylphosphate?

Using Nail Polish Is Dangerous

Triphenylphosphate is an extremely harmful chemical substance which affects the endocrine system of the organism and triggers problems with thyroid and other hormonal issues. It has negative impacts on the metabolic process as well as impacts the reproductive system. Females who utilize nail polish typically are more at risk because this compound accumulates in the body and slowly destroys it.

This compound is actually allergen and neurotoxin and it can seriously harm your health. Nail polish likewise includes other substances that are more hazardous than the triphenylphosphate.

Harmful Compounds Of Nail Polish:

1. Toluene

This chemical substance causes skin inflammation and impacts the normal advancement of babies.

2. Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a really unsafe element which is carcinogenic and can trigger swellings, breathing issues and asthma. It’ s highly hazardous for individuals with persistent health problems. A lot of women using nail polish are almost every day on risk to harm their health and proper work of the organism, due to this harmful substance. But fortunately, there are natural SAFTY methods which can substitute the nail polish.

4 Natural ALternatives For Nail Polish

1. Acquarella

Acquarella is natural water based product and it doesn’t contain the harmful substances toluene, triphenylphosphate and formaldehyde that other nail polishes do. It’ s safe method for those how to desire their nails to be in a different color every day since acquarella has more than 50 various colors.

2. SpaRitual

This nail polish is vegan nail polish advertisement it’ s totally toxic substance totally free.

3. Honeybee gardens

It’ s water based nail polish, entirely natural without any of the harmful chemical compounds.

4. Peacekeeper house-metics

This nail polish is based on enamel and argan oil and it does n`t contain contaminants. This polish keeps your nails hydrated.
Although you ca n`t see the negative impacts of using nail polish immediately, the threats exist. Don’t put your health at risk and constantly aim to utilize natural nail polishes. That way you are securing your health and your nails.
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