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Want To Cure Dry Cough And Bronchitis – Try This Remedy Now

Cure Dry Cough and Bronchitis at Natural Way

During the cold days, but even in the summer  our respiratory system is first one which is exposed to negative weather conditions.
Cold and flu are the most common health problems during these days.
They are causing breathing difficulties and many of us are trying to find the best solution to fight these problems.
One of the best ways to cure dry cough and bronchitis is to use some of the many traditional natural remedies.
One of these remedies is made by honey and black radish.

Black radish is also very good for your overall health:

Want to Cure Dry Cough and Bronchitis - Try This Black Radish Remedy Now

  • boosts liver function
  • prevents cold and flu
  • regulates blood pressure
  • it is good against constipation
  • treats thyroid problems
  • helps the weight loss process
  • might prevent cancer
  • treats jaundice
  • fights skin problems and fast aging
  • prevents hair loss and dandruff

This time black radish is used in combination with honey to treat and resolve the bronchial problems and dry cough.
This natural medicament could be used by children and by adults and it is very effective.

Healthy Natural Anti-Cough Syrup Recipe


  • 2 black radishes (about 1 kg total weight) and
  • 1 bowl of natural honey.


Wash the radishes and cut their bottom to become flat. Cut also the upper part also.

Carve the rest of the radish to the thickness of its walls of about 1inch. Fill both carved radishes with honey and close them with the upper part which you have took off before.

Leave it like that during the night. Next morning your natural anti-cough syrup will be ready to be consumed.


Take 3-4 tablespoons of this natural syrup before meals. After you finish the honey inside you can use the same radish to be filled with another dose of honey. You can use the carved radish as honey bottle for three to four times.

Cure dry cough and bronchitis with this traditional medicine which is known to many nations. The results should appear after the first dose.

Via: http://www.healthyfoodplans.net/2016/01/black-radish-in-a-combination-with-honey-against-dry-cough-and-bronchitis.html

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