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Warning! – Is the Garlic That You Eat Really Healthy For You?

There are many plants and vegetables we are consuming at daily basis and about which we have no idea where they came from.
At our daily rush we are not taking enough care about the quality of the vegetables and fruits that we are supplying from groceries, but many of them are with suspicious quality and origin.
According some researches more than 35% of garlic in the USA is imported from China.
It shouldn’t be a great problem if we are not known about its quality and its way of growing and planting.

Years before the biggest supplier of garlic for US was California.

But nowadays it is cheaper and easier for big supermarket chains to supply garlic from China.

This chinese garlic costs many times less than originated American garlic.

The import is not a real problem, but serious problem is the way that this chemical Chinese garlic has been growth.

Many farmers in China are producing this plant without any quality control using many harmful and forbidden pesticides which are illegal in China and USA too. Phorate and parathion are most used pesticides at the field areas in China where the quality control of agriculture is not so strict. Also Chinese government and other Chinese institutions are fighting this problem for many years but still they didn’t succeed to exterminate this treatment at popular vegetable – garlic.

The result is that the world markets are full of chemical Chinese garlic which is very dangerous for our health.

Highly toxic substances as phorate, parathion and others are found at many samples of Chinese garlic all over the world.

Another problem is that the soil where this plant is growing is also toxic.

The results showed that this soil is containing metal elements as arsenic and cadmium.

Almost 20% of Chinese soil (especially around big cities) is very rich at these dangerous elements.

It is a result of irrigation of the fields by water of big Chinese rivers where large quantities of industrial wastewater and household waste water is flowing down the river flows.

How To Recognize the Chinese Chemical Garlic from Natural Garlic

You Eat Garlic - Then You Should to Know This

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The concern about the effects of chemical Chinese garlic is approved and real.

It is not safe for our health and we should do anything to avoid its usage and consummation.

But also it is important to know how to determine if the garlic in stores is natural or chemical.

Here are some tips which could help you to get the best decision at buying this vegetable:

  • Natural garlic usually is sold with its stem and root. Chinese traders are cutting of these pieces of some commercial and transport reasons.
  • Natural garlic is much heavier when it is compared with approximately the same size of chemical Chinese garlic.
  • Natural garlic has stronger aroma and taste because of the bigger quantity of natural substances which are essential for this kind of vegetable.

The best advice is to buy garlic from local farmers at the green markets near you, but anytime to be careful about the above mentioned properties of this popular plant.

Or simply you can grow your own garlic at home. If you are interested in this watch the video:

Source: David Wolfe

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