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Watermelon Takes Care of You and Your Body !

The watermelon is one of the rare plants which contain only useful and healthy ingredients for your body.
Is the watermelon refreshing? YES! Does it have positive effect to your body?
YES!Can you use it as a diet supplement? YES! How many calories does it contain? Almost zero!
Can watermelon be used as comfort food? YES!
So, what are you waiting for? I think it is time to buy one big, red, fresh watermelon!

WatermelonYour Body by Watermelon

During the long summer days when the sun burns us without mercy and at the time when the temperatures go so high our body uses all its water reserves to cool itself. This is the time to undertake a serious action in order to avoid dehydration.

Water is great to supply your liquid deficit. Fruit juices are another option too. But water has not taste and flavor and the juices has their own side effects (high contain of sugar). But if you consume watermelon at times like this you will feel the pleasure and at the same time you will feel your body’s gratitude.

How to Prepare a Watermelon to Consume it?!

For those ones which care about their body and want at the same time to enjoy the food and its taste – consuming a watermelon during the summer is a kind of ritual. There are many recipes how to prepare watermelon, but trust me – the best way is to enjoy it fresh!

Watermelon – Smoothie!

Preparing a watermelon smoothie is so easy and quick. Put at your kitchen blender the following


– 4 slices of watermelon

– 3 small cups of milk (low fat milk is recommended)

– 1,5 glass of chopped ice

– if you wish you can add 2 or 3 mint leaves

Watermelon SmoothieStart the blender at high speed, put the watermelon cut into small pieces, mix it 2-3 seconds and add the milk and mix it again (2-3sec). Repeat the same using the ice cubes and at middle speed mix all ingredients for 15-20 seconds or until you get smooth drink. If you wish you can add also 2 or 3 mint leaves.

Watermelon Salad

The watermelon salad is divine summer starter meal. There are many types of watermelon salad, but the following one is my favorite:


– 3 slices of watermelon

– 5 slices of yellow melon

– 7-8 pistachio

– fresh mint leaves

– one piece toasted bread

– one little piece of cheese

– two teaspoons of olive oil



Melon and watermelon slices to be cut to a size of bite (it is a good suggestion to use your imagination and to prepare different shapes and to make you friends happy). Put the slices into deep dish, cut the pistachio at quarters and spread them over the melon slices. Brake the toasted bread at small pieces and place the pieces over the surface of watermelon. Rend the cheese at tiny slices and spread it well over the mixture. Then you should add an olive oil equally over the cheese.

For better specific taste you can add some mint leaves or chopped basil.

Bon Appétit!

Some Nutrition Facts About Watermelon           

Watermelon contains low quantity of calories (only 30gr at 100gr) and low percentage of fats, but it is extremely rich source of nutritive phyto substances and antioxidants which are essential for good health.

150 gr of watermelon contains only 46 calories and almost 20% of recommended daily dose of vitamin C and 17% of daily dose of vitamin A.

This quantity of watermelon has almost twice more nutritive ingredients than big tomato, or exactly 6 mgr lycopene compared with 4 mgr at tomato. The lycopene helps the heart diseases treatments and it prevents some kinds of cancer.

Juicy Watermelon

When you are consuming more than 450 gr of watermelon juice before starting some intensive physical activity you will feel less muscle tiredness and  you will have more balanced heart bit after finishing this activity.

The watermelon contains natural substance called citrulline which is important factor at improving the blood vessels functioning and it helps at low blood pressure suffering.

Watermelon contains 91% of water and that is the reason that this plant is excellent hydration substance for our bodies.

Now you can start your watermelon journey! 🙂

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