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Western vs. Eastern Beauty Trends

Though the importance of visual impressions is universal, ladies worldwide go about their skin care and beauty regimens using different methods and products. While women in the West prefer their beauty products manufactured from tried and tested ingredients using advanced formulas and engineering technologies, female beauty fans in the East are more open to experimenting with sources and are eager to spend more money on quality products than their counterparts in the Western hemisphere. Here’s a short comparative report on differences between Eastern and Western beauty products and regimens so keep reading if you want to learn a knack or two from skincare and hair-styling enthusiasts from across the globe.

Beauty Trends - natural

Typical beauty regimens in the East and the West

Though good looks are a prerogative in most professions and everyday life on both sides of the planet, Asian women have a different approach to the concept of beauty than their Western fellows. The notion of beauty in the Eastern culture rests on the premise that respect for the body, skin and hair included, is extremely important as attractiveness is an immediate outcome of proper tender, love and care for your physical self. In other words, while Westerners believe cosmetics can help improve the condition and look of skin and hair depending on age, women in Asia hold that long-lasting beauty is inevitably linked to respect and proper care for their bodies.

Time Western and Eastern ladies spend on beauty routines

On average, Asian women spend more time on their beauty regimens than ladies on the other side of the globe. Though Western women who care about their looks do go through lengthy beauty routines involving exfoliation, moisturizing, skin conditioning and cream application once in a while, they usually spend more time on makeup than regular skincare regimens. Unlike Western women, Chinese, Korean and Japanese ladies belong to the tradition that emphasizes lifelong beauty, which calls for more extensive daily regimens like the well-known Korean 10-step skincare system – but it also promises more lasting results than just a quick rinse, clean and moisturizing routine.

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Skincare product ingredients on the two sides of the planet

Both Eastern and Western beauty fans enjoy the benefits of organic skin care products, and Asian ladies are more eager to experiment with different ingredients and prefer all-natural creams and lotions to those that pack chemicals and artificial components. Women in the East are also more open to products with sometimes odd ingredients which most Americans would find unsavory (such as indigenous mushrooms, starfish essence, fermented herbs, maple tree sap and snail slime), whereas Western ladies are more heedful of technologies used in manufacturing and expected regimen results. In consequence, Eastern women are more well-versed when it comes to diversified and rare ingredients in skin and hair care products, while Westerners rely more on formula engineering and tried-and-tested product components to produce the desired results.

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Prices of beauty products in the East and the West

While Western beauty products have more or less standard pricing for quality skin and hair case products, price tags of beauty products in Asia range from the mass-oriented to extremely prohibitive. This is mainly due to premium quality ingredients and production procedures, and a surprisingly high numbers of Asian women aren’t dissuaded by exorbitant prices when it comes to skincare because they are looking for more than just a short-term beauty effect and a quick fix for common skin conditions like pigmentation, acne and scarring. Ladies in the Eastern hemisphere are more concerned about beauty longevity rather than immediate effects, and such kind of quality comes with a fair price tag.

The best way to pick beauty products that suit you is to try out several and go with the ones that work for you best. In both the East and the West, beauty is a highly valued asset in the modern society, so get yourself a good dose of it ASAP.

Guest Author – Kate Flannery. 

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