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What Are The Health Benefits of Walnuts?!

Walnuts as a Medicine!
Do you like walnuts? With or without honey – the walnuts are great choice for your afternoon snack or as an addition at your favorite smoothie!
Except their excellent flavor they are great source of 19 different vitamins and minerals.
The walnuts are rich of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, some of vitamins of group B and zinc.
The latest scientific research have proved that the walnuts are the healthiest nuts.
Walnuts contain more antioxidant ingredients than the other nuts and at the same time their antioxidants are much more effective.

In order to prove it the scientists analyzed the content of 9 different types of nuts, i.e. they have examined the antioxidant presence at each one of them.

After the analyzes have been performed Dr. Joseph Wilson from Pennsylvania stated that one handful of walnuts contains almost twice more antioxidants than any other equal quantity of other nuts.

walnuts benefits

Walnuts Instead of Omega-3 Medical Pill?

The quantity of 1 oz (approx.30g) or a handful of walnuts contains 0,08oz (or 2300mg) of Omega-3 fatty acids (carboxylic acids).

There are some laic beliefs that people who have increased level of fats at their body shouldn’t eat walnuts!

But the walnut has great potential to decrease the level of triglycerides and the cholesterol.

Instead of chemical and artificial Omega-3 fatty acids produced as different medical supplements – you can satisfy your daily needs of carboxylic acids by consuming walnuts.

You should use their boon and that way you will stay healthy and you will improve your health by regular usage of natural given walnut.

The walnuts are in position to take good care of your heart and its vitality and they are real heart protection.

These nuts are decreasing the heart diseases risk at half and they have power to relax your body and mind.

You can also reach healthy and strong bones using the important help and support of walnuts. Very often the walnuts are used at weight loss treatments.

After all – the choice is yours! Walnuts or pills? 


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